Change is a’Wing

Forgive my lapse in posts. Last weekend I moved for the third time this year. After spending another day hauling boxes and furniture to a new place–this time a studio apartment right down the street from my old house–I can’t help but think of the birds migrating right now. Every morning and evening, I look […]

Home Is Where the Whisk Is

Dear world, meet my new kitchen, soup pot and all: Yes, the place is small–I don’t even have a silverware drawer–but it’s my own. My own dear kitchen. My own dear kitchen with a nice tile counter, a gas stove, a teeny tiny oven, and a refrigerator that is all my own!!! I feel like […]

Catching Up

I guess it’s time to catch up on my long delayed (ok, less than a week still) Thanksgiving post. My family came to my house for the meal because I had the most space–a real dining room, the largest kitchen of them all–and because, frankly, I wanted to control the side dishes. My mother did […]

Daring Bakers Potato Bread

I moved the day after Thanksgiving and I don’t have internet yet, so my post is a bit on the late (but still on time!) end this month. This month Tanna of My Kitchen In Half Cups chose “Tender Potato Bread” as the November Daring Bakers challenge. I love bread! And it’s automatically vegan. From […]

I had to buy it…

My family is coming to my house tomorrow and they threatened to boycott if a Tofurkey showed up. But I’ve never eaten one and I really wanted to and I live next door to the vegan store and it’d been a long day–I just had to. So maybe I should revise that survey and state […]

Survey Time!

1. Favorite non-dairy milk?Plain soymilk…I don’t really have a favorite brand, just whatever is on sale. 2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to cook?I’m going to be remaking the Shmlove pie for Thanksgiving and I totally love that, I’m baking my secret weapon, the vegan crepe cake, for a bake-off on […]

Stylish tresses

Fall saunters into Georgia like belles to a ball. Always late, but fashionably so, and wearing the most vibrant dresses.

Split Pea Soup and Double Cornbread

I believe in comfort food. I believe that it can cure all ills, warm the heart and stomach, and woo lovers. I believe in warm soups and stews in the winter (even though God knows it’s ain’t winter in Georgia yet…schizophrenic weather). And most of all, I believe in my mother’s split pea and ham […]

Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Remember how I said I made pumpkin squares for the Monday Night Vegan Potluck? Well, here’s the recipe (finally!). The recipe is from Veganomicon (I’m in a rut, a happy tasty Veganomicon rut!) and everyone loved them. I talked to my friend Stuart yesterday and when I mentioned I still had a few left over […]

Rain Dance

Governor Sonny Purdue held a prayer meeting at the state Capitol today. The purpose? To bring an end to the drought. Copyright “We come here very reverently and respectfully to pray up a storm,” Perdue told those in attendance. -Atlanta Journal Constitution There was only one demonstrator. I should have been there. Where has […]