21 & 5

So it’s my birthday today. It’s also the anniversary of the “War on Terror.” Almost one quarter of my life aligns with this “war.” Whatever your political persuasion may be, it’s definitely worth thinking about peace. And check out all the bloggers on the March 19 Blogswarm while you’re at it. It’s hard to claim […]

Hostel Bread

Everyone is ok–some friends ended up with trees on their houses, one lost all her trees in her yard, one is banned from his loft until the insurance company decides what to do, but everyone is alive and well. It stormed again yesterday afternoon, but no tornadoes (just hail and too much rain), and now […]

Pi Day Tornado

The following narrative was written in my journal by the light of a candle between 3:36 am and 4:45 am. The pictures were taken on March 15 around noon. So that thunder…was a tornado. A tornado that pancaked a loft 1/4 mile from where I live. A tornado that hit around 9:30 p.m. It’s now […]

One Year Ago, Amazon

March 12, 2007 This morning at ~6 am we loaded up on a small boat and went in search of birds. Immediately, i.e. at the dock, we saw three or four black vultures, but those were probably in the area of the lodge and village. Overhead, several pairs of blue headed and mealy parrots flew […]

Meme Time! Seven Random Things…

I totally forgot that Bake My Day! tagged me for a meme last month. Since I don’t haven’t any food to post for you and it’s 2 a.m. and I’m not sleepy thanks to last weekend’s wonky time change, I’ll take a stab at it. I don’t feel like tagging anyone, but if you want […]

Strip Trees

It looks like everything survived the freeze ok. I spent chunks of time over the past two days huddled in my bed under covers (and cats) with the space heater on…I’m such a wimp. The “cold” makes me want to move to Florida ASAP and I never want to live in Florida! I like seasons! […]

Hash Browns Make My World Go ‘Round

I’m not a health nut. I’m not a “good” vegan either. When given the chance at a fancy enough place, I will break my veganism. Does that make me a bad person? Nah. Just realistic. And addicted to chocolate. Don’t tell anyone that I ate that flourless chocolate cake at Carrol St. Cafe last night. […]

Premature Blooms

Atlanta’s weather is neurotic. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but really, it is. Las March I escaped it for 10 days in the Upper Amazon Basin in Peru. This year…I’m stuck. The past few days have been gorgeous–60-70 degrees, sunny, spring-like–but tomorrow morning the weather report calls for snow! I hope the plants survive. […]

But Everyone’s Doing It!

Julie Hasson’s steamed sausages are taking over the internet. No joke. Who around here hasn’t already made them??? Really??? You should be ashamed of yourself! Go make some! I have to admit, vital wheat gluten has always mystified me a bit. I’m not talented at making seitan. It always ends up lumpy and pretty looking. […]

Baby Got Books Reading Series, March 24

For all you Atlantan bibliophiles, Wordsmiths is hosting the Baby Got Books Volume 2 reading series (& musical gala) on March 24 at 7:30 before they move to their new location off the Decatur square. The event features author Hillary Jordan reading experpts from her Bellwether prize winning novel, Mudbound. Barbara Kingsolver, the founder of […]