Vegan Crab Cakes & Chipotle Tartar Sauce

One of the things I love about finals is procrastination. It normally bites me in the ass, but seriously, it tastes really good. Tonight I should have written a paper on the political animal. Instead I made vegan crab cakes. So worth it. Jhenn over at Vegan Ronin posted a good looking recipe for crab […]

Daring Bakers Cheesecake Bites

It’s been awhile since I managed to successfully complete a Daring Bakers challenge. I tried the yule log back in December, but my gluten-free, vegan version fell apart and I just didn’t have the heart to post my mess. But I’m back! This month’s challenge was posed by Elle of Feeding my Enthusiasms and Deborah […]

I can’t believe people eat such cute crabs!

Sorry for the delay in posts–I was tromping around Jekyll Island this past weekend and have been catching up on school work ever since. Let me tell you, eating vegan on a barrier island in south Georgia is hell. If I never eat another mediocre iceberg lettuce salad, I’ll be really happy. Really happy. I’m […]

Lazy Never Tasted So Good

Thanks for the comments on the flower picture. I’m rarely given flowers and the few times that I have been, the guys have been off the mark (sorry, I’m just not a roses or daisies kind of girl). Happily, this time, he was right on. The poet brought me this sprig of fresia before we […]

Romantic Gestures 101

Sometimes flowers take the cake.

Spicy Peanut Noodles

I try really hard to be healthy, I really do, and you’d think eating vegan would make that easier. Oh well. Nature over nurture? (smile). Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks is one of my blog loves. She cooks some of the most delicious and healthy (and mostly vegetarian) fare I’ve seen in a long time. […]

Curry Pie

I have a problem. I love curry. I love my wok. I have no idea how to cook for one person. Before I moved, I had a bunch of mushrooms that were about to go bad. I also had a bag of frozen peas. And, per usual, tons of spices and curry pastes and coconut […]

I’m not dead…

… but you have to wait for more posts until I have internet at my new place. That’s right…I moved, again. I need to stop doing this. Long story not worth typing, but I’ll be back sometime this weekend hopefully! And I have recipes waiting for you too! Hurrah! See you in a few days!