May Daring Bakers Challenge

Mono + Daring Bakers Challenge = oops. I forgot. And I don’t have the ingredients in my house. And I’m posting this a day late anyway. I’ll have it by the weekend–promise!

Doughnut-Cake-Coffee Cake-Awesomeness

Classes just finished, right? I mean, did I miss something? Oh… yeah… the part about me adding French to my course load so I can get enough semesters in to hopefully get into a good Comparative Literature PhD program next year. Sigh. And you know what class means? Coffee. Actually, French isn’t too bad. I […]

Long Bean & Grape Tomato Salad–for David

I’m back! The beach was good (well, as good as it could get for me). Being bedridden with a view of the Atlantic tide rising and falling every day isn’t too bad. Watching flocks of pelicans congregate, honk their voices out, and skim for fish isn’t too bad. Having six good friends rally for your […]


Remember this? Well, I’m off to the beach to recuperate for a few days. I’ll let you know how the virgin margaritas and Bloody Mary’s go. Actually, I don’t think I could sip a Bloody Mary sans vodka…it’s worth a shot (badumdum–pun intended). But hey, it should be fun anyway! Be back later this week!


Yours truly managed to get Mono during finals! Woohoo! Ok, really, it’s not exciting. But it does explain why I kept passing out on my couch when I tried to write papers or study for my one final exam. It also explains why I haven’t posted anything on here for awhile. I’ve hardly been cooking. […]