NYC Recap & Dorian Gray

I’m back! Miss me? So down to the nitty gritty. New York was tasty as ever (as if it couldn’t be). I didn’t take pictures of what I ate because, well, I just don’t do that in restaurants. But here’s a list of all the vegan meals I had and where I had them at (minus a Thai place in Park Slope & a place I ate a veggie burger at…can’t remember the name either).

Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch: Blue Plate Special Vegan Corn Dogs with French Fries, Vegan Sangria Milkshake. I ate the corn dogs last summer with Kyle and have been dreaming of them ever since. Totally worth the trek over the bridge to Manhattan. The sangria milkshake was decidedly pleasant too. Who knew that sangria would work well in a milkshake?! It reminded me of a lassi (the South Indian yogurt drink), but alcoholic. All the better!

Second Helpings: Just a snake of a Mushroom Spring Roll. Very delicious. The cafe isn’t vegetarian, but most everything they serve is, and they have vegan baked goods. What’s not to like?

The V-Spot: BRUNCH! (my favorite for this trip): Vegan Breakfast Burrito w/ side salad, a side of a Vegan Pancake, and a Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake. The breakfast burrito was OUT OF THIS WORLD. As was the pancake. David said it was more like a crepe than a pancake. But the cinnamon and other sundry spices in the batter were delish. And the milkshake was amazing too. Noticing a trend yet? David ordered the steak and tofu and that was rockin’ as well. I tried it, of course, and the seitan was seasoned perfectly. Plus their coffee has a hint of cinnamon. Yum!

Pizza Plus
: Best vegan pizza I’ve ever had. We ordered a large wheat crust pie with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. The vegan cheese actually melted AND tasted cheesy. Even David, a die-hard cheese-eater thought it was delicious. Plus they have $3 Brooklyn Lagers. Who can resist? I reheated the pizza in the oven for lunch the next day and it tasted just as good. Leftover seal of approval.

Red Bamboo
: This was my last vegan meal in NYC. I had the lunch special of Vegan Chicken Parmesean with a side of Collard Green Spring Roll. The chicken’s texture was right-on and the diced tomatoes on top made the meal shine. The parmesean was ok, I guess, I mean, it didn’t taste like anything special, but I loved it. I finished off the lunch with a Vegan Chocolate Milkshake.

We drank quite a bit, as can be imagined, and drink prices weren’t as scary as I expected. $2 PBRs in Williamsburg, $3 Brooklyn Lagers, $6 Hefeweizen, $3 Stella Artois, etc.

Ok, so in other news, meet Miss Dorian Gray! She’s 7 weeks old (I think) and is going to grow into the worlds largest kitty. Ok, maybe not world’s largest, but she’s got seriously huge back feet and I think she’s got maine coon in her. So really, she’s going to be big. She never stops purring, is unfazed by the fact that my cats hate her, and she’s obsessed with batting my eye lashes (which is a little uncomfortable for me). Basically, she’s the bomb.

6 Responses to “NYC Recap & Dorian Gray”
  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Welcome back!! Ahh, you reminded me how much I truly love NYC!!Dorian Gray = precious.

  2. Leigh says:

    Congrats on your beautiful new house mate!

  3. Shellyfish says:

    I can so relate about taking pictures of food in restaurants…though I’m trying to get over that.And Dorian is just too sexy-cute!

  4. Vegan Invasion! (Ashley Nicole) says:

    Woo, glad you had an awesome (and delicious) time in New York!!Miss Dorian Gray is gorgeous and sounds like such a rad little kitty!

  5. Pink Theory says:

    The food sounds so lovely…vegan corndogs and chicken parmesan. I totally feel weird taking pics at restaurants too and usually just snap quick ones with my phone…sometimes if I use the “real camera” I pretend I’m a food critique so I don’t feel as silly :-P And Dorian is so beautiful!

  6. Vegan_Noodle says:

    Looks like you enjoyed your NYC trip as well… wish I had made it out of Manhattan for a few meals! Your new kitty is so adorable!

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