Dead Computer

So. My computer’s dead. I’m typing this from my work laptop, but I can’t import any pictures, so the blog’s on hiatus until I can figure out a better situation. When it rains, it pours. But then it’s time to bake! ::edit:: Still waiting for insurance to figure things out with the computer. BUT, on […]

I Can Flip, Yes I Can

We all have our cooking hang-ups. You know, those techniques we can’t master, those ingredients that we just can’t figure out how to cook right (eggplant–do I leave the skin on or off? Seriously.), that vocabulary that all runs together (it’s not like we went to cooking school; why aren’t definitions attached to every French […]

Chinese Orange Tofu & Vegetables

You can probably tell by now (if you check my blog on any kind of semi-regular basis) that I love to stir fry. All of the world’s evils can be corrected with a wok, tofu, vegetables, and some rip-off Chinese sauce. I’m normally pretty boring and make the garlic sauce 5 out of 6 times […]

Avocado Burgers, Or Why Jes Needs a George Foreman Grill

Sheba & Mistoffelees Sheba and Mistoffelees didn’t want to be outdone in cuteness by the kitten. I found them curled up like an old married couple this afternoon (and by “curled,” I mean the man is stretched out doing his thing and the lady is tucked in the nook of his stomach–so domestic!). On to […]

Crack Biscuits

Miss Dorian Gray on my couch First off, do I not have the cutest kitten ever? Ever ever? Now for the best biscuit recipe EVER. I’m going to warn you right now: don’t read this post any further unless you’re willing to make a commitment. A serious commitment. A commitment to carbs. If you’re low-carb, […]

Scrambled Tofu & Biscuits

VwaV Scrambled Tofu & Baking Powder Biscuits No time for a real post. But coming up, the world’s best biscuits EVER. Even better the ones above. If you want the recipes and don’t own Vegan with a Vengeance…then you should really buy it. Seriously. That and Veganomicon. Oh, and while you’re at it, go vote […]

Hoisin Green Beans

The other week when I was out of money and food with only $4 to my name, I popped into the farmer’s market that convenes every Tuesday on Emory’s campus to see what I could grab for a few bucks. For $3 I grabbed a bunch of green beans from one of the farms, walked […]

Broccoli Pesto

Sorry it’s taken so long! My money situation is finally worked out, which means that I can afford groceries to make tasty things with, which means that I could renew my flickr, which means that I can get back in the swing of things, etc! Since coming back from vacation in New York, I’ve been […]