Brown Breakfast O’ Greatness

This is how I feel right now.  Groggy.  Gross.  Giant pawed.  (Well, maybe not giant pawed…)  See, I have this thing called insomnia.  And insomnia is great in that I can see things that most people don’t–like how bright and clear the stars were last night or drug deals on Moreland Ave. In that I […]

“Baked” Apples

You know what the great thing about baking an apple cake in the morning is?  The accompanying breakfast!  My mom always cooks (she always calls them “baked apples…” but it’s definitely a stove-top method…who knows) apples like the middle layer of the cake as a treat for fall or winter mornings, so, naturally, while baking […]

New Season, New Blog

Almost one month after my computer died, it’s back and I’m ready to hit the blogging world again, just in time for my favorite season (and with a new blog address!).  Most see fall as a time of dying back, of slowing down, of slowly moving towards the cold.  I see it as a time […]