Vegan MoFo #7–Rainy Day Chili

It’s raining!  It’s only 65 degrees outside!  It’s a miracle!

While it may be October 8, when everyone is supposed to be feeling fallish, it’s been a [insert sarcasm] nice sunny humid 85 degrees here for the past week.  Soul killing.  But it was colder in the distant past, and I’m hoping it will be uber soon.  I love the cooler weather; I want it now!

Black Bean Chili & Sour Cream Corn Muffins

Unfortunately, I made this combo a week or two ago with a lot of adjustments from the original recipes.  I, of course, forgot to write down the changes, so I don’t have a recipe to share with it.  I’m going to remake the corn muffins sometime soon because they were so damn good.  I was out of soy milk (egat, how?!) but had some of the Tofutti guacamole sour cream left in the fridge, so I used it thinned with a bit of water.  The end result was one of the moistest, Jiffy-esque vegan cornmuffins I’ve ever had.  So so so good.

11 Responses to “Vegan MoFo #7–Rainy Day Chili”
  1. Heather says:

    Wow, that looks mouth watering! I’m with you on the fall weather and I can’t wait for it to get here. It’s been in the 80’s here as well.

  2. Leigh says:

    Perfect for this weather! And I’m with you, I can’t wait for it to stop being so dang hot.

  3. tofuparty says:

    Please, try to remember the recipe. It looks so gooooooood.
    And can someone please change your fahrenheits in celsius. Cos, now I have no idea if it’s very warm or not with you.
    PS you can always send me some warm weather. I really need some.

  4. Tami says:

    You can’t beat that combo…now if you only you could come up with the corn muffin recipe!

  5. allularpunk says:

    it’s finally cooling down here too after almost 3 full weeks of sunny and warm! and it’s raining, too. yay, fall has finally arrived!

  6. leeebird says:

    Great photo!

    What a perfect meal; that looks so incredibly tasty and I wish I had a bowl of it right now with some of those sour cream corn muffins. Yumm!!

  7. Celine says:

    lovelovelove the fall, and the delicious comfort food that comes with it, like this wonderful dish. :D

  8. shellyfish says:

    Great pic! I’ve decided to stop trying to fight the universe and make some chili soon…I swear it’s haunting me…

  9. Mihl says:

    This looks so, so good! Please go and find the recipe, mkay?
    I love the fall too. It’s been pretty cold over here already, now it got a bit warmer and started raining, too. I went to work by bike today and it was so much.

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