Vegan MoFo # 8–Vegan Junk Food

I’m not quite sure what I’d do without Liz. She makes cute vegan things, writes fabulous recipes (example soon to come!), and informs me of radtastic who-knew-it-could-be-vegan snacks. Thus, I provide for you a photo montage of my newest obsession–vegan Doritos. I’m afraid I may live on these chips during road trips, drinking binges, and the I’m-hungry-and-the-only-thing I have near to my house is a CVS days. The best thing is that she sent me this bag packed in my Etsy order and being from Canada it’s in French! Which I’ve highlighted because, really, seeing an alternative language on English packaging that isn’t Spanish is quite novel down here. So enjoy the junk food porn!

Sweet Chili Heat Doritos

Vegan with a touch of MSG thrown in (I know, I know, but I said it was junk food to start with)

Le Francais

13 Responses to “Vegan MoFo # 8–Vegan Junk Food”
  1. mihl says:

    We have these in Germany too. I rarely eat chips, but now I better check them out!

  2. YAY! For Doritos – I’m so glad you posted this. I ate some cheesey ones the other day and halfway through eating I thought to myself “Hmmmm..these taste cheesey….tooo cheesey…”
    THEN I read the ingredients and relised that not only do they contain cheese they also contain milk!!
    Taught me a valuable lesson about reading the ingredients.But I’m so so SO happy to know that these are vegan!

  3. Lisa says:

    I was shocked when I heard that too! They are quite yummy….

  4. evestirs says:

    these are soo good! perfect for buzzed snacking ;)

  5. allularpunk says:

    i had some of these with my lunch today. mmm.

  6. abracapocus says:

    i am soooo glad they rarely put these in the snack machine at work. i don’t need that kind of temptation. :-)

  7. YAY for vegan junk food!
    Thank you for your comment on my Halloweegan Peppers post! :)

  8. shellyfish says:

    You are so cute! It is rather novel to see packaging in other languages, and in the US isn’t known for its French labels! Doritos were my favorite junk food when I was a kid!

  9. melisser says:

    I’m happy I haven’t found these yet, but I have found the vegan Cheetos! eek.

  10. Celine says:

    hooray for les chips!

  11. I gave up crisps recently because of these -I was eating them like they were nosebags! Once they were open I just couldn’t stop. So now I abstain completely :o(

  12. DaviMack says:

    Hey – MSG is a naturally occurring substance. Found in beets, I believe. Don’t knock it!

  13. Bethany says:

    I’ve been avoiding these because I’m scared that I will like them too much. I’ve weaned myself off chips (for the most part).

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