Vegan MoFo #15–Anatomy of a Freezer

I’m generally not a big fan of memes, but Knits with Carrots tagged me for the freezer one.  Since I live in an apartment by myself, my freezer isn’t very full and is quite boring.  But here goes!

  • On top, lots of ice trays and ice packs
  • On the left, one and half bags of frozen peas, half a bag of frozen lima beans, and one pre-made pizza crust from the Dekalb International Farmers Market
  • On the right, a tofurkey I bought last year and have been saving for a rainy day, a bag full of avocado burgers, and a serving size bag of pizza sauce from the aforementioned International Farmers Market

  • On the side door, we see (from left to right) a ball of frozen peanut butter cookie dough from the bakery I used to work at, a container of Purely Decadent vanilla ice cream, and a bag of Brazilian coffee beans.

So hey, there ya go, my freezer!  I think most everyone has done this one, so I won’t tag anyone.

I’ll leave you with a series of not necessarily vegan links (but blogs I like visiting because I love pretty things!)

  • Etsy Wedding: I’m not getting married, but I love this blog because it shows me all the really awesome things on Etsy that I normally wouldn’t look at–especially dresses!
  • {frolic!}: Today’s post–a pie party!  Also features really amazing architecture, cozy clothes, and photography
  • Apartment Therapy: Again, pretty things, neat idea, small spaces.  Plus, they have a kitchen and eco-living blog you can access on the top banner.

Happy Friday!

6 Responses to “Vegan MoFo #15–Anatomy of a Freezer”
  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Fun freezer view!! :-D

    Mmm, peanut butter cookie dough….

  2. WOAH!
    Wait a minute…rewind….

    Avocado burgers!!

    I must have more information. What are they? Did you make them yourself?

  3. DaviMack says:

    You don’t overutilize your freezer, then. With us, it’s always a matter of “do we have room,” and “there’s room, we’d better bake more bread or something.”

  4. kittee says:

    i had to come back and thank you for the etsy wedding link. i’ve been thoroughly enjoying it since yesterday. such nice stuff! i <3 etsy so very much.


  5. Celine says:

    I wish it was still way hot outside so that I could spend hours stargazing at your freezer. namely, the cookie dough and ice cream. of course there would be no “hours” and “stargazing” involved here.

  6. gail says:

    I clicked on the link to your avo burgers (because I had to – “avo burgers”? sounds interesting …) and oh my – yum! I will definitely be making batch of these soon.

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