The Magic Year

Happy New Year everyone!  Looking back over the past year, it’s surreal to think that everything that happened happened in under 365 days.  I almost moved to Germany.  I was going to graduate.  I was going to Africa for summer study abroad.  I was going to start a bicycle co-op in Clarkston for refugee children.  […]


Forgot to mention, I’m in Boston until New Year’s.  See you then!

Step Three: Soup!

How the heck is Christmas next week?  I’m flying to Boston (anyone have good vegan restaurant suggestions?) on Thursday, and somehow I have to be ready for everything by then!  Time flies a bit too fast for my taste. Oh, and since I’m out of town for the holiday, my mom gave me my Christmas […]

Step Two: Bosnian Bread

I’m really glad you all like the sausages!  I have a couple sitting in my fridge waiting to go in another seitanic potpie I’m making for my mom’s birthday (which is today, but we’re celebrating tomorrow). Now, step two of the perfect winter meal.  Bread!  My friend Melissa (who regularly stalks the blog–hey Ranger!) made […]

Step One: Vegan Chouriço

So I received my first Christmas present last night!  My dad and I met up for dinner at Across the Street (mmm tvp tacos! and sangria!) and a mini-shopping spree at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe last nigh,t and I walked away with a bag full of goodies.  Hurrah for being vegan and having vegan-specific stores in […]

Portugal, Meet Bosnia

Caldo Verde & Bosnian Bread Just a teaser, but over the next week I will be presenting to you the perfect winter meal in three parts. So stay tuned!

Komatsuna Greens in Ginger Almond Miso Sauce

It’s hard to post something fabulous after a bake-off win, but let me introduce you to my new friend, the Komatsuna Green.  This delicious little leafy thing came in my first Vegetable Husband basket (a service I’m eternally thankful to Leigh for posting about) and I knew it was the first ingredient I wanted to […]

Now I Don’t Mean To Toot My Horn…

…but I just can’t help myself! Now, let me take you on a little photo journey: First, I spent a few days making this… Then some judges did this to it… Then  Leigh (who is on the left) stood on some stairs and said some words… and handed me this innocuous looking whisk… which said […]

Cosmo’s Vegan Bake-Off TOMORROW

Watch out kids, I’m bringing a killer cake tomorrow.  Chocolate + alcohol + cake can’t go wrong.  Hope to see all the Atlanta folks in a few hours!!!

Carrot Bread

Let’s just roll with that orange theme for one more day.  I’ve been in a bread baking phase lately, so naturally Have Cake, Will Travel is the first site I hit when I’m ready to make a loaf.  For some reason carrot bread sounded absolutely perfect this week.  And it was.  The crumb is light […]