Coconut Milk Dinner Rolls

I love making bread when I have the time.  There’s nothing like having an afternoon to set aside to watch dough rise while reading a book or magazine.  Normally something goes slightly awry with my bread though.  The yeast doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, the dough doesn’t proof like it should, I over […]

“Chicken” and Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce

Ever since reading about dried bean curd skin on Vegan Ronin, I’ve been on the hunt.  I had the hunch that Green Sprout’s amazing amazing amazing “chicken” dishes were made using bean curd skin and I’m fairly certain after sampling my own that I was correct.  The texture of the rehydrated bean curd skin is […]

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Cookies & Tea

I hate Spring.  It’s true.  Yes, it’s finally warmer weather, yes beautiful, tasty, wonderful spring veggies are finally available, yes it’s the end of the semester, and yes the trees are leafing and the flowers are blooming and the world carries and sweet green sheen.  But it’s that last part that gets me.  I have […]

Purple Sandwiches

I love love love sandwiches. Hand-held, self-contained, a complete meal between two slabs of tasty carby bread (sorry to all the gluten free folks, I just can’t help my bread addiction). Exactly, sandwiches are awesome. Left-over Jamaican Veggie Patty filling is great too. Two pieces of olive bread slathered with veganaise with purple veggie stuff–pretty […]

Jamaican Veggie Patties

Before we jet across the world from Korea to Jamaica, let me just say how stoked I am about this: Yes! The Coomb’s Organic Maple Syrup I won from Ricki at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs arrived in the mail this week!  I, for one, am a maple syrup fiend.  Recession or no recession, I refuse […]

Korean Tofu Soup

I went a bit nuts at the Asian markets this week. Truth be told, I hadn’t been to an Asian market in about two years (or more!) since I moved away from the Korean section of Atlanta (i.e. waaaay out in the suburbs, and I only lived there for one summer at my mom’s temporary […]

Alice Waters’ Carrot & Cilantro Soup

One of the great things about having writerly people as friends is the creative living and work arrangements everyone comes up with. Sure, some of us teach, some of us hold regular day jobs, and some of us, including my friend M. works part-time and house-sits full time! I truly aspire to her pared-down existence, […]