RWF #1: Recession Worthy Food

The one drawback about scoring a new job is waiting for the paychecks.  While it’s wonderful that I will have money in a few weeks, for the moment it is a little scary.  And that’s where my pantry comes in handy! I have this normally bad habit of keeping my “pantry” (it’s actually spread around […]

Spicy Potato Salad & Recap

Whew.  Life moves fast!  Thank you thank you thank you for all of the encouraging notes and crossed fingers, it was lovely to read all of the comments and messages you guys sent.  And not to leave you in suspense, I have a job!  A real honest-to-god job that pays real-I-can-live-off-of-it money.  It’s seriously a […]

Be Back Soon!

I need a few days to recuperate from the events of last week.  Two days in to in-person training, I was laid off by my teaching job.  No real reasons were given and I expect that it is a result of them hiring too many teachers and looking for any excuse to eliminate someone, and […]

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

Loosing the links sidebar was a real adventure, folks.  Luckily someone on the WordPress message boards was able to help me out.  Turns out the coconut milk dinner rolls did me in!  Thankfully it’s fixed and I have most of the links back up.  The nature ones and “other” I’ve yet to reenter though.  Soon […]

Isa’s Tempeh Crab Cakes

::Edit:: FIXED!  My sidebar is back & the links will be up later today.  Woohoo!  Oh, and I think my issue with the crab cakes is the use of hot sauce–I just don’t want hot sauce in my “crab” cakes, but that’s just me.  Moving on! Remember when Isa posted her recipe for Chesapeake Tempeh […]

Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oops, I disappeared for a bit, didn’t I? Sorry about that! I forgot to mention last week that I was going to be in Roanoke for a few days last week visiting my soon-to-be grad school. I was able to hear the graduating students read, meet some faculty members I hadn’t met yet (Richard Dillard […]