The Trifecta

I can die a happy woman. I have, for the first time ever, completely made up my own recipe inspired off of fresh, local produce. Usually I buy something and then run to the books or the internet and try to figure out what to make with it. Not this time. Nope nope. It’s only […]

Roanoke! & Fresh Herb Bread

My whirlwind visit to Roanoke is about half-way through now, and I just got here last night! But it has been wonderful; such a nice break from the crushing city heat. I’ve met my landcouple, Beth and Tom (check out Beth’s amazing blog here), walked around the house, taken pictures of it to send to […]

Curried Fig Salad Dressing

I started my nighttime baking adventures today–bread in the oven, now on to a blog post! I love you guys. No really, you all provide me with so many great ideas and recipes and you inspire me to go out of my comfort zone. The thing is, I kinda don’t like figs. It’s true. I […]

Perfect Portobello Wraps

It’s time for my weekly lunch post–aren’t you excited?!  I’ve moved on from soup & bread, it’s just too darn hot to turn on the oven and stove for that long!  Instead, I ‘m rolling up some power-packed portobello wraps.  The ease and convenience of these sammies  makes them my new favorite  lunch–I mean, they take only one or two […]

Food, Inc.

If I were given the opportunity to do one big thing for America today it would be to bring Food, Inc. to every school, church, and social organization in the nation.  Every single person living, breathing, and eating in this country needs to see this film.  Robert Kenner, Eric Schlosser, and Michael Pollan (among scores […]

Orange Sesame Tofu & Garlicky Swiss Chard

First of all, really Atlanta, really? Ninety-EIGHT frappin’ degrees tomorrow? NINETY-EIGHT?!?! Sigh. I have a confession to make: I’m becoming a little bit obsessed with swimming. I have swum four days in a row this week and assuming all goes well tomorrow, the week will tally up to five, FIVE, swims in just as many […]

Sweet Potato Falafel

Right now I’m in semi-vacation mode and loving it! My boss at the Beckett Project is taking a much needed post-first-volume-production vacation and the other one, my good friend M., is stuck at an editing conference in Wisconsin, so the office is closed for the week, meaning I’m only working 1 in-office job at the […]

Butter Pecan Cookies

Ah…summer. It’s not exactly the season that illicits images of preheating the oven to 350 or eating fattening foods, but I’ve never been one to go with the flow. I love my sugar and I love my oven–even if both make my life hell during these warmer months. That’s why I try to be more […]

RWF #4: Carrot Ginger Soup

Recession Worthy Food, meet Lunchtime!  Now that I’m balancing several jobs and running around Atlanta trying to get to each one, I’ve realized that I need healthy, portable, filling lunches.  Cheap lunches too.  Luckily, thanks to my pretty big collection of canning jars, walking around with soup in my bag isn’t a problem.  And also […]

Whole Wheat Sesame Millet Bread

::edit:: Guess what! River’s back, if just for one post, and she’s hosting an amazing giveaway: The Healthy Chef 4-in-1. If I had any money, I’d totally buy this, I mean, a rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and dehydrator all in one appliance? Awesome! Anyways, go enter the contest, maybe you’ll win! So remember how […]