Zucchini Cinnamon Rolls

While I don’t have any plants plying me with pounds and pounds of zucchini right now, it is one of the veggies I can count on scoring cheaply at the farmers market. So it’s time to jump on this zucchini bandwagon. From regular ol’ zucchini bread to zucchini Babka to zucchini fritters, there’s a lot […]

Fiesta Bagels

Oooof. Well, after my stay-cay love affair with Roanoke, things took a turn south this week (and not south to Georgia which, let me tell you, I would have loved). To put it plain, my tires were slashed Monday night. Thankfully, it wasn’t Atlanta and I wasn’t parked outside a bar and then mugged/raped/murdered/whatever, it […]

The Other White “Meat:” Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

So I’ve reached week 2 of my in-home vacation (i.e. the first real break of the summer for me) and it’s going great. So great that I’m not really accomplishing anything that I need to. But I’m letting myself sit back and relax because who knows how relaxing grad school will be. (smile) So what […]

Perfect Pita

Let’s just have another “oh my goodness I love western Virgina” gush moment for a minute.  Just look at those veggies!  And all procured two blocks from my house!  Local, organic, fresh, absolutely beautiful: what’s not to love about this town?  Sure, it was pouring rain (I ended up driving instead of walking, sigh), but […]

McAfee’s Knob

One of the best things about living in Roanoke, to me at least (the folks over at Blog Roanoke might have other opinions!), is the fact that a mere 20 minutes (yes, twenty minutes) from my driveway lies the Appalachian Trail. Back in Georgia I used to claim to love hiking and backpacking. The claim […]

Soybean Paste Stew

Greetings from Roanoke everyone! Yep, I moved this past weekend (which explains the lack of posts). It was long and stressful and my back, arms, and legs are all moaning “what the crap did you do to me,” but I’m here, sitting in my bed, with only one more box to unpack tomorrow morning. I […]

Oreo Cookie Cookies

Remember those sinful cookies I mentioned last week? Well, I think I’ve had enough “healthy” meals (read: 2) to justify posting them now. (smile) Thus I bring to you the vegan Oreo Cookie Cookie.  I didn’t realize Oreos were vegan until twoish years ago. I was in Pittsburgh for the annual bicycle cooperative conference Bike-Bike, […]

Lemon Caper Pesto

It’s been awhile since my last pesto post (trust me, there’s been a new batch every week!) so I think it’s time to pull out a recipe from the backlog: lemon caper pesto. One of the main issues/complaints/suggestions I get with vegan pesto is that it just isn’t salty enough, something (I guess) the cheese […]

A Little Bit of Nola on My Mind

New Orleans: food capital of my world. Hot, spicy, sweet–the most flavorful mash-ups of bread and meat (well, fake meat now) and beans–it’s just the most delicious city ever. When I first visited six or seven years ago I definitely didn’t appreciate it like I should have, but since then I’ve fallen head over heels […]