Lemon Caper Pesto

It’s been awhile since my last pesto post (trust me, there’s been a new batch every week!) so I think it’s time to pull out a recipe from the backlog: lemon caper pesto.

One of the main issues/complaints/suggestions I get with vegan pesto is that it just isn’t salty enough, something (I guess) the cheese adds to it.  At this point in time, I can’t remember a non-vegan pesto, so I’m going to take the critics’ word at it.  Usually I just add some extra salt, sometimes I don’t and say “deal with it” (in the most loving way of course).  This time I said, hey, how ’bout some capers?  I mean, really, to backpedal, who doesn’t love capers???  They’re the perfect addition to…well…anything.  In fact, right now as I munch on a fresh baked buttermilk biscuit I’m thinking some capers might be fabulous on it.  Give me a glass of wine and some large capers to pop and I’m pretty darn happy.  Maybe I’m weird, maybe I’m having an Anthony Bourdain moment, but allow me the pleasure.

Ok, so back to the pesto.  Basically, it was the best one yet.  Tangy, acidic, salty, basily, and creamy (I used cashews as the nut component), it paired perfectly with everything (which, right now given the season means zucchini, tomatoes, and pasta).  I’m not sure what else to say besides that you should make it.  Capers ho!

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Lemon Caper Pesto

1 c fresh basil
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tsp capers (I didn’t add any caper juice but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt!)
1/4 c cashews
1/4 c olive oil
3 cloves garlic

Pulse all ingredients together in a food processor until well combined. Add more oil as necessary, then serve with pasta and fresh, seasonal vegetables.

13 Responses to “Lemon Caper Pesto”
  1. Sal says:

    Sounds good – I like the idea of adding capers. Actually I have some in my fridge that I bought the other week that need using up!!

  2. Becky says:

    Woa, spooky! I made a pesto this week, too! This recipe looks awesome…nice and light!

  3. Kiersten says:

    That sounds really tasty. I never thought of putting capers in pesto before, I am definitely going to give it a try though! I love how easily versatile pesto can be.

  4. mihl says:

    This is such a fantastic way to use capers and maybe even the only one. I have a jar of them in my fridge and never use them. Now I will!

  5. renae says:

    Capers in pesto? Fabulous! I can’t wait to try it.

  6. fortheloveofguava says:

    Mmm… I love pesto!!! Mr. Guava not as crazy about it… booo… but my basil’s finally looking up!! So he’ll have to deal!

    .. funny I always think that my vegan pesto is pretty salty… maybe because I season to leave out the cheese??? Also, I notice a lot of recipes call for raw nuts… which I never have so I usually just throw in what I have around to snack on (lightly salted) + nooch

  7. Vic says:

    Ohh….that plate looks great! I have been really into pesto recently.

  8. Jojo says:

    Oh yum, love pesto, love capers…sounds perfect!

  9. jessy says:

    capers – ohhhh, i love ‘em, too! salty delicious little yummies! yay! never thought to add ‘em to pesto, and i’m gonna have to try it. mmmmmmmmmmmm! i have to agree about the lack ‘o saltiness with vegan pestos – dan & i usually add in lots of himalayan salt (it’s our new fav) – but capers = genius! “tangy, acidic, salty, basily, and creamy” – i can’t wait!

  10. jumbleberryjam says:

    LOL (re: AB moment ;-)! Yes, I love capers & wine, too! Add lemon to the mix, and I’m in heaven. Thank you for another AWESOME recipe!! :0)

  11. DaviMack says:

    Ahh, yes, I can see where capers would balance things out. Nice! Pecorino Romano or Parmesano are really quite salty cheeses, so capers really ought to get it.

    Did you use the salt-preserved ones, or the vinegar-preserved ones?

  12. edward says:

    how long would the pesto keep?

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