Richmond, I love You

Crossroads’ Vegan Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito with Vegan Cheese and Vegan Sausage and a side of hash browns (cup of coffee behind)

I lied, I have internet and delicious vegan brunch in my belly. Richmond, fair city, I love you.  And Jessy, thank you thank you thank you for all the yummy suggestions!  I’m so stoked after Crossroads; can’t wait to check out more RVA vegan awesomeness.

p.s. that was totally my first in-restaurant photo-taking for the blog.  It wasn’t too scary, maybe I’ll get more into this!

p.p.s. Legends Brewery’s Oktoberfest and Capital Ale House’s beer list blew my mind too.  At Capital I had the Allagash Fluxus 2009 which features sweet potatoes and black pepper (peppercorns in the beer!  Oh my!), Ace Pear Cider (tasted like a pear! not just sweetness), and the Blue Mountain Brewery Rockfish Wheat (a local VA wheat beer, tasted ok).  Surprisingly, no hangover…it must be something about the quality of the beers.  PBR and I should really take a hiatus–so not worth it!

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  1. That looks yummy! After a while you get used to the stares as you whip out your camera in the restaurant! My kids are confused when I don’t take a picture of our food now!

  2. laura says:

    i’ve got some inspirational richmond food porn for you here:

    and don’t worry, restaurants are totally used to people taking pictures of their food these days. you sure used to get weird looks a year or so ago though.

  3. mihl says:

    Oh, wow. I am so impressed by those red tortillas.Why can’t I find stuff like that in Germany?

  4. renae says:

    I keep meaning to take a weekend to check out Richmond and never getting around to it. Your praises are making the matter seem more pressing…

  5. Amanda says:

    That looks so good. I was thinking “what a great food shot” only to read that it’s your first restaurant rock! Nice job!!

  6. Vic says:

    Oh my! It looks great!

  7. jessy says:

    hooray for crossroad’s yumminesses! i’m so glad you’re hitting up all the awesome places. capital ale is the best – the bar made of ice is the best. i had no idea they had sweet potato brew & pear, too. w00t! hope you’re enjoying the folk festival & lots more rva awesomeness!

    i feel a little silly taking pictures when we’re dining out, but it’s growing on me and it’s kinda fun, too. happyface!

  8. maggie says:

    Your blog is sooo inspiring to me! Love the red tortillas!!



  9. Hi there! I came across your blog through a friends’ blog–they were raving about your dark chocolate pumpkin brownies–which I am excited to try out soon…ANYway–I will be in Richmond at the beginning of November and I’m wondering if you have any recommendations on where to hang out/eat/sightsee…Besides Crossroads, of course! We’ll totally try that place out due to your blog notes. Isn’t it weird how this internet thing really works? Connecting people and promoting businesses and creativity…Its amazing.

    Anyway, thanks for writing and listing cool stuff.

    Be well-
    ~britt ryan in Austin, TX

    • Jes says:

      Hey Britt! I would totally check out jessy’s postings at She has a bunch of Richmond recs that I totally checked out (well, ok, 2 of them at least). I only had time to go to Crossroads (I think they listed bagels with tofutti! oh my goodness I haven’t seen that since NYC!) and 821 Cafe. Both had fabulous brunch options, delish coffee, and a great vibe. Love them to death. I’m dying to check out Ipanema too. Anyways, check out Jessy’s blog, it’s so Richmond fabulous!

  10. Monica Shaw says:

    Darn, i was hoping you meant Richmond, London. =) That burrito is inspiring. I make tofu scramble all the time but I always have it with toast. I think I like the burrito form factor better!

  11. Diann says:

    That is a great looking burrito! What kind of tortillas are those?

  12. chow vegan says:

    Beautiful photo! Take more restaurant pics! :-) It looks very tasty!

  13. cookingforaveganlover says:

    Wow this looks wonderful

  14. fortheloveofguava says:


  15. eileen says:

    I’m totally about to choke on my own drool just looking at that picture. RED AWESOME STUFFED TORTILLA GOODNESS.

  16. Vic says:

    Such amazing pictures. I love the mountains! Soo jealous!

  17. Josee says:

    now that is a rocking breakfast.

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