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Saturday morning I headed back to Roanoke, but not before scarfing down a delicious vegan brunch. I dragged my family over to 821 Cafe in the VCU/Fan area. I’d wanted to go to Ipanema’s brunch so so so badly, but they only serve it on Sundays and everyone in my family wanted pancakes and omlettes, so 821 fit the bill. The space was pretty dark, hence the horrid lighting in the photograph, but the food was delish. The coffee while we waited helped too. My brunch consisted of vegan french toast topped with bananas, vegan sausage (I think they make it there), and rosemary potatoes (which I doused in ketchup and Sriracha sauce because that’s how I like it).

The food was perfect for my drive west across the state and, swept up in the beauty of being back in the mountains again, I drove all the way to Roanoke from just outside of Charlottesville on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It only added about an hour and fifteen minutes to the drive and was so worth it for the beautiful reds and oranges and yellows that lined the road’s spectacular overlooks. Richmond was nice, the “big city” vegan food options were de-lic-ious, but it’s so good to be back home!

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  1. LambSandwich says:

    Firstly, I was aghast at the possible mingling of ketchup and french toast. I was about to leave a scathing comment about the dangers of improper breakfast consumption technique, then I saw the second picture and the words escaped me. I am so jealous of the terrain you live in now. I miss the mountains so much. And I miss hanging out. As soon as you get a road bike I’ll get up there and we can ride some horrible hills and eat vegan food. With emphasis on eating.

  2. Barbara says:

    Lovely fall pics, Jes. And such a hearty breakfast. I am looking forward to trying that kale salad of yours. I never thought of adding nutritional yeast to it, and I can’t wait to try it. You are some cook!

  3. wingitvegan says:

    They have Santa mugs all year round? That gives them a million extra brownie points!

    What lovely autumn colors! Our trees here are still green and some are starting to brown, no pretty colors yet. :(

  4. Monica Shaw says:

    Your pictures are stunning, especially the trees. We don’t get colors like that in England. Just brown mostly. Maybe a little yellow if we’re lucky!

  5. Tara says:

    I am so jealous that you got to eat vegan french toast in a restaurant! I always have to make my own. :( Gorgeous scenery!!

  6. WOW! I thought you couldn’t beat that delicious picture of yumminess but then I saw those gorgeous trees. Lovely!

  7. jessy says:

    aren’t the mountains the most beautiful in the fall?! the colors will make your heart sing!

    hooray for the most delicious brunch at 821 bakery cafe. the french toast looks stellar, especially with naners ‘n powdered sugar. i also looooooove sriracha ‘n ketchup on my potatoes. mmmmmmmmmm! i often think of how my life would be had dan never discovered sriracha & made me try it. ah ha ha! yum!

  8. cookingforaveganlover says:

    Beautiful Colors!

  9. I love fall! The colors are just amazing :)

  10. fortheloveofguava says:

    Oh man… I definitely have to find a nommy vegan breakfast joint!

  11. BitterSweet says:

    Holy crap, that is one massively amazing plate of deliciousness! I don’t think I’ve ever experience a brunch quite like that…!

  12. laura says:

    hey, there’s always next time for ipanema. and i’m certainly putting 821 cafe on my list.

  13. kim g. says:

    Those mountain photos are beautiful! While the weather has cooled off here, I still miss fall colors. A yummy breakfast and a beautiful drive sounds like a perfect day!

  14. Aaron Garland says:

    I lived with my Aunt two blocks from 821. Richmond really has some great food. You hit some of my favorites, but there are so many more… Bottoms Up Pizza, Cuba Cuba, Sticky Rice… If you really want an interesting Sunday Brunch you should try Godfrey’s.

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