Gluten-Free Butternut Pasta Casserole

It’s been quite a whirlwind of activity down here in Alabama and it’s a blessing to be able to sit down for a second and check up on everyone’s holiday and give you all a recipe. It certainly looks like everyone had a relaxing, family-filled, delicious Christmas yesterday! For me, this week has been filled […]

Quick & Easy Samosas

Greetings from Mobile, Alabama! When I left Roanoke two feet of snow piled on the ground and now I’m walking around in sandals and a t-shirt–kind of a big switch. The snow was awesome–lots of running around, building snowpeople, throwing snowballs, keeping warm with whiskey, and etc.–but it’s great to see my mom again and […]

Peanut Butter Balls

Who doesn’t love vegan balls, especially vegan chocolate peanut butter balls? While these holiday treats aren’t quite as quick and easy as the chocolate chip bars, they’re pretty darn close and definitely as delicious. The other night a friend hosted a Christmas record listenin’ and cookie eatin’ party, and while I had planned on making […]

Chocolate Chip Bars

The holidays are all about traditions, and in my family, all the traditions are food related–something I alternately love and embrace and also something I feel I have to defend, for example, to boyfriends whose families are a little more “normal.” See, I wasn’t allowed to believe in Santa Clause–ever. From the moment I could […]

Kimchi Reduction

Today has been one of those really satisfactory days. Classes ended for the semester last night, I woke up this morning after a full night of sleep ,refreshed and ready to get back to the pool (being sick is so frustrating energy wise, it’s good to be back to normal), swam a mile, caught up […]

GF Maple Cranberry Corn Muffins with Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Frosting

Thanks to the goodness of friends, I’m up and kicking and back in the kitchen. I’d planned on just giving you another condiment recipe, since I have a backlog (chipotle ketchup anyone?), but when I sent out the query for everyone’s dream coffee shop pastry/baked good, A-K gave me the best: “My dream pastry right […]

Let it snow!

I fully intended on giving you all a lovely recipe today, but I managed to get super sick last night (and thus just barely miss hanging out with Jessy at the Pine Street Barber Shop–it’s such a small world, holy crap!) But the savior of the story is the snow–lots of snow! All week, the […]

Jonesville BBQ Sauce

I love a recipe with a story. Even better, I love a good recipe with a good story. Thankfully, living in a family as food-obsessed as mine, we’ve got a few, and what better way to spice up a blustery day than with a good BBQ recipe? Back in 1981, my father had just graduated […]

The Great Hunter

While I may not have deer running through my backyard, I do apparently have sparrows in my house at 7 in the morning.  Thank heavens for the cat. Sparrow–the new Appalachian cuisine?

GF Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Happy December everyone!  I really can’t believe it’s the last month of the year.  In fact, if it weren’t 34 degrees when I woke up, I wouldn’t have believed it.  But it’s definitely that time of the year–when the weather gets a tad bit nippy (ok, or cold), the holiday decorations are out in full […]