Pumpkin Butter

This past weekend found me on the eastern side of the state in Richmond visiting my uncle and his new wife (they just got married in November). We spent the weekend walking through the James River Park, watching kayakers brave the urban rapids, and I got to see the spot they got married at (right […]

Big Pine Trout Farm

When I think about fishing in Appalachia, my thoughts immediately turn to trout–and the zen-infused sport of fly fishing.  Anglers are known to be obsessed, and the most general Google search for “fly fishing philosophy” or “zen fly fishing” reveal a bevy of books and websites dedicated to the delicate and focused activity. While I’ve […]

Cranberry Pecan Skillet Brownies

Chocolate is the only defense against 33 degrees F and steady rain. It’s seriously the most disgusting weather ever. And to hear my mother talk about how it’s a steamy 75 degrees in Mobile? Well…instead of flying down there to murder her, I decided to temper my feelings of ill will by baking up a […]

Sweet Potato Kale Balls

Who doesn’t like vegan balls? Jokes aside, I do have an affinity for foods in compact, cute shapes–and round, ballish ones definitely hit the cute mark. Plus, bite-sized bites are always a good thing at potlucks or for a quick snack. So, ages ago back during MoFo, when Jessy posted one of her many delicious […]

Almost Meaty Mushroom Sauce

Some people have exciting lives–they go out, they read a book, they spend time with a significant other. Me? Well, Tuesday night found me alone in the kitchen with a giant vat of mushroom sauce. I suppose a Friday night pasta sauce date would have been a teeny bit more absurd, but as I was […]

Savory Kale & Mushroom Filled GF Buckwheat Crepes

Thanks for all the love regarding Sheba you guys. As empty as the house seems, everyone appears to be settling into more or less of a two cat routine. I’m not sure if it’s Sheba being gone or the ridiculous cold, but both Mistoffelees and Dorian have been uber clingy as of late–something I love […]

Jones Valley Urban Farm

Unfortunately this autumn passed without me establishing residency and getting a hunting license, so unless I decide to start out with the spring turkey season, I’m going to wait for next year.  The plan is to work on my skills at a shooting range, read up on more personal narratives like Christopher Camuto’s Hunting from […]

Simple Lentil Soup

It’s been a bit of a crazy week since I flew home from Alabama, and while I’ve been settling back into somewhat of a routine, some major changes have taken place. Reading Jessy’s post about getting unstuck and looking for the good side of life was really inspiring as I started off the week because, […]

Buckwheat Sauerkraut Rolls

Early Monday morning I fly back to the mountains and I must admit that I’m ready to be back home.  It’s been good down here, warming up on the Gulf coast and being with my mom, but I miss my bed, my pantry, and swimming.  Two weeks of little to no exercise and eating way […]

Happy New Year!

I hope you all are having a relaxing New Year’s Day. Can you believe it’s 2010 already? I’m having too good of a day to look back on what happened over the past year, but I do know it was utterly delicious. Looking forward to the coming year, I’m excited to see what you all […]