Valentine’s Brunch

Homemade soysage, cornmeal pancakes, collards, mimosas

I meant to post this yesterday but I was too busy drinking mimosas and watching ATL. I hope you all had a wonderful, love-filled day!

12 Responses to “Valentine’s Brunch”
  1. Sophie says:

    i think pancakes and mimosas are pretty much a brunch staple, especially for a special occasion!! looks so delicious.

  2. That is the most beautiful picture! What a wonderful brunch you had. I love vegan sausage and if I could find some wheat gluten I’d be making it like crazy. Glad you had a wonderful day!

  3. lazysmurf says:

    OMG those collards look amazing

  4. Vaala says:

    That looks like an awesome brunch. Sounds like you had a great day!

  5. This shot is so beautiful on so many levels! I hope you too had a wonderful, love-filled day! :)

  6. Barbara says:

    What a beautiful brunch, Jes! A perfect Valentine’s Day treat. I like the combo of cornmeal pancakes and the greens. Very creative.

  7. amandatrombley says:

    Is there anything better than a mimosa??!

  8. jessy says:

    dan and i had a great day – painted our bathroom and made a home depot trip. ah ha ha! i hope your day was awesome too! it also looks like you had one tasty day, and i’m gonna have to check out ATL. i can’t believe i forgot about your cornmeal pancakes. mmmmmmmmmm!

  9. Yari says:

    Ciao Jes, what a great brunch :-) As we say here “Buon San Valentino!” (although a bit late!)

  10. JennShaggy says:

    That’s exactly the point ;)

    Damn those greens are looking soo tasty right now. Yumm.

  11. that looks so fabulous… and with mimosas too even! man, I’d be your valentine for some of those corncakes (oh, and also cause you’re sweet ^_^!)

    aside: I’m so down with the greens getting the front-n-center focus. That’s about right, I’d say!

  12. Mary says:

    Delicious! My favorite part is the collards :) I will have to check out these cornmeal pancakes.

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