Richmond & Staunton

Kyle & I in Richmond by Cafe 821 Roanoke isn’t exactly a food town.  We have restaurants.  We have places to eat.  They serve rather mediocre food and, as all of my friends will tell you, it really annoys me.  And beyond mediocre food, you have to really scrounge to find anything vegetarian, let alone […]

Swept, Swept Off My Feet

Look what someone surprised me with on Tuesday evening: It’s the first time anyone I’ve dated has cooked me dinner, let alone a fabulous balsamic mint grilled vegetable and tofu stack. So delicious. Such a gift.

Spicy Siracha Kohlrabi Slaw

One of the best things about local farmers markets is that there’s always strange and unusual vegetable that you’ve never cooked with.  This past week, for me, was the kohlrabi.  As I was browsing the baskets of potatoes and cabbage and corn and peaches I was looking for something different, something that would get me […]

Backyard Salamander

Here’s the weekend installment of amazing-things-I-find-in-my-backyard. With all the rain bursts we’ve had lately, I’ve been finding quite a few salamanders running around. This orange one, though, really caught my eye. He enjoyed hamming it up for the camera too (although maybe he was just glad I wasn’t a bird who wanted to eat him). […]

Chocolate Chip Rye Cookies

Simplicity.  Simplicity is something I’m learning to appreciate more and more these days.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I spend $60 a month for internet that runs at the speed of dial-up due to the fact that I can’t get regular broadband up here so I have to use the Verizon […]

Rain Day

The view from my office window Slow and steady rain at the cabin today and I’m playing hooky from work for a few hours. It’s just too hard when there’s so much to enjoy. A pot of geraniums I picked up at market There’s so much to say and so little time, so I’m leaving […]

Summer Chowder

I’m here to put all your worries to rest–no, I have not been eaten by a bear; yes, I did kill the black widow in the living room so, no, it didn’t kill me; yes, the cabin is still wonderful! It’s been a mad dash of a few weeks–moving, my new job (details to come), […]