Nova Scotia Road Trip, Scranton

Blogging from the road!  Literally!  I’m actually driving in northern Maine right now, but since I have internet in the car while in the US I figured I’d update.  Back story, I’m on my way to Nova Scotia to present a paper at the 1st annual ALECC (Association for Literature Environment & Culture, Canada) conference, but I figured since I needed to get to Cape Breton I might as well make it as fun and adventure-filled as possible.  Hence the road trip.  945 miles into the trip, it feels a little surreal to drive this far, but I’ve got great company, I’ve met some amazing people thus far, and I’m feeling super rejuvenated already.  Nothing like a change of pace and scenery to get my mind back in order and to remember why life is so damn awesome.

On Friday, two days ago, we left Roanoke for Scranton, about a 7 hour drive north.  After hitting some traffic outside of Harrisburg, PA, we made it there without any issues and stayed the night with our couchsurfing host, Heather.  I forgot to get a picture with her, but she was a great host.

One thing about roadtripping is that my caffeine intake doubles or triples.  So the first order of business was finding a good cup of coffee on Saturday morning in Scranton.  Northern Lights definitely hit the spot.  Soy latte in hand, we headed out for a quick 10 minute walking tour of Scranton.

I was on a hunt for some postcards (harder to find than you’d think) so we ended up at the train museum, or, more accurately, the Steamtown National Historic Site and I got a few.  We didn’t go in to the exhibit area, but there were some pretty cool trains outside that gave me enough of a taste of the place.

Scranton surprised me. We obviously didn’t spend much time there, just about 30 minutes in the morning, but it had more restaurants and coffee shops and theaters and things like that than I expected.

Plus things like the murals and statues definitely made it seem like a town that was interested in a little revitalization. It wasn’t the broken down, post-industrial cesspool of gray that I expected. Instead it was some great, friendly people, a lot of steel and train memorabilia (expected), and a genuinely unique place.

3 Responses to “Nova Scotia Road Trip, Scranton”
  1. MAINE?!?!?! I am from Maine! Woot!

  2. Kiersten says:

    My caffeine intake always doubles when I take road trips too. When we drive from Charlotte to NJ to visit family I NEED the extra caffeine to get me through the long drive. I just read your post on milking too. I never knew how much work it takes!

  3. chow vegan says:

    Wow, 945 miles, that’s some road trip. Sounds like quite the adventure! Like the train pic, it looks cool. :-)

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