Best Meal of My Life: The Red Hen, Lexington

Every meal has a story, at least one. This one has several–backstory, present tense, the story to come. And I’m going to start the meal by saying the ridiculous: a week and a half ago I had the best meal of my life. Yes. The best meal of my life. Thus far. And I’ve still […]

Apple Balsamic Reduction

It is definitely fall out here in Turkey Hollow. With the cabin edging up the mountain, it’s a good 5-10 degrees cooler than in town in the valley, and the trees are already coloring in full force. With the wind and bright blue sky, it’s hard to not be swept away by the beauty–that and […]

Table 50, Roanoke

I’ve said before that I don’t think much of the Roanoke food scene–I love our farmers and farmers markets and the creative energy that flows through the folks there, but as for restaurants? I’m always a little underwhelmed. G has been working on convincing me otherwise though. What started out in the afternoon as a […]

Philadelphia Mini-Trip 2010

The other week I lucked out and was able to head north to Philadelphia to catch the Pavement show and eat some rockin’ food. All my other trips to Philly have been bike-food oriented, and I’ve always just crashed on random folks’ couches, so this time–a trip with a hotel booked downtown, an amazing reunion […]

Stewed Eggplant & Okra

Autumn is officially here in the mountains of Virginia, and along with the changing leaves and the plethora of pumpkins & squash at the farmers market comes the cold. It’s downright nippy at the cabin at night! So this week brought the first fireplace fire of the season (rather smokey–I need to figure out how […]

Michael Solomonov Guest Dinner at Local Roots Restaurant

Last Wednesday, September 29, I was lucky enough to score two last minute reservations to the Michael Solomonov guest chef dinner at Local Roots, the local foods-oriented restaurant here in Roanoke. Back in August I wasn’t able to make it to the Sean Brock/Bryan Voltaggio/Ashley Christensen/Tarver King/Josh Smith (the chef at LR) dinner that spearheaded […]

Roasted Eggplant & Lentil Soup

A recipe?! A what?! I cook?? Who knew! Ok, confession: I made this soup weeks ago. I’m just so far behind on posting (I still have the Philly trip to post, I still have the Michael Solomonov guest chef event at Local Roots to post, I still have other recipes to post, ack!), but I’ll […]