Vegan MoFo Day 3: Gardein Chickn Strips (Finally!)

I’m just going to ignore the fact that the U.S. 2010 election cycle ever happened, ok?  And instead, I’m going to focus on something that you all already know about, something that’s taken me forever to try, something that I wish I’d let into my life a little sooner than this week (and no, I’m not talking about the Tea Party or the incumbent–who won again, btw–from my previous district in GA who believes Guam is going to capsize…)!

Yup, I’m talking about Gardein!  I know, I know, Gardein hit the scene a long time ago (well, “long” in blog terms–like last year, right?), but I never picked up any of the company’s products (even though everyone raved about them).  For me, fake meat products are always a once-every-now-and-then affair, since they’re rarely all that good for you and, although I’m known to deep fry things at the drop of a hat, I do try to eat a balanced diet.  Well, given that it’s MoFo and all, I figured a product review (no, Gardein didn’t pay me to write this or send me any freebies for this) was in store.

Since Kroger had a special (around $1 off each Gardein item in-stock) this week, I picked up one to try: the 7 Grain Crispy Tenders (their version of chicken).  Even though I burned the first run, I’m pretty darn impressed with the meaty strips–the light breading crunched nicely and the grain/wheat gluten “chicken” tasted, well, like chicken.  You could trick any 4 year old with these.  Or 20-something year old.  Age doesn’t matter when taste counts!  I ate them with mashed taters and kale, along with a version of my Jonesville BBQ sauce drizzled on top.  Meat, potatoes, and a green veggie–my mom would be proud!

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13 Responses to “Vegan MoFo Day 3: Gardein Chickn Strips (Finally!)”
  1. Being in Spain I haven’t tried these either but have total envy as I’ve always heard wonderful things about them. They look good.

  2. lazysmurf says:

    I am so with you on the election, I even stopped listening to NPR on the way to work because I can’t take it anymore.

    Those strips look awesome! I had one gardein thing and I thought it was ok but that looks a lot better. I think I might try the roast one for to see if it will be good for Thanksgiving.

    • Seriously. I got really bummed when I checked results before bed and hoped things would be better in the morning. They weren’t. :(

      I’ve still not tried Gardein…it looks like I need to get on that!

  3. Looks great! I love these, they are so quick and easy!

  4. shellyfish says:

    I want to eat that plate – right now. Could you fed ex it to me, please? I agree about the idea of not eating processed stuff on a regular basis, but what a fun indlugance!

  5. Kiersten says:

    I haven’t tried Gardein products yet. Like you, I try to avoid a lot of faux meat products. The crispy tenders look good. I have to say it though, some of the other Gardein products I’ve seen look kind of gross.

  6. jessy says:

    i’m about to plan a move to canada, if they’ll have me. ah ha ha! the gardein chickn strips look amazing – i think i’m gonna see if i can find them and pick some up for dan. thanks, Jes!

  7. organarchy says:

    I’m with Jessy on the move to Canada! We haven’t really tried any prepackaged vegan foods yet but those do look tasty! Happy MoFo’ing!

  8. Jessica says:

    Like many others, I have also not tried Gardein. I had a package in my hand (also because they were on sale) but didn’t make the purchase. The more I hear that they’re good, though, the more likely I am to eventually try them.

  9. rebecca says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this stuff…I’m always looking for protein alternatives and hadn’t heard about/seen this (or am too zoned out at the store to do anything than grab my usual tofu or beans or organic turkey breast. Gotta get me some of that…

  10. your dinner looks classic and so yummy! and i haven’t tried Gardein yet, but i’m pretty determined to finally buy these next food shop.

  11. Gardein rocks! Those chickn strips are awesome, and so is the stuffed chickn and good stuff, the one with the cheezy marinara inside. Yummy! Try the beef tips next! *drooool*

  12. gail says:

    I must admit to a certain partiality to the pulled-pork style of Gardein. It is an only-once-in-awhile purchase, but topped with a mango-avocado slaw … mmmmmmm…

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