Vegan MoFo Day 10: I Love ATL, Part II

Back, back down south we go again, and this time to one of my favorite brunch places: Gato Bizco! I don’t know about you all, but brunch is my favorite meal–there’s nothing like a lazy Sunday morning at a restaurant surrounded by friends, soft natural light, the buzz of caffeine, and a plate of something delicious always accompanied by a form of potato. The potatoes are a requirement. While I’m just now starting to check out the brunch scene here in Roanoke (it’s not vegan-friendly whatsoever–no scrambled tofu anywhere, boo hiss), brunch in Atlanta was a ritual for me.

One of my favorite places is Gato Bizco in the Candler Park neighborhood–a tiny four or five boothed diner with a long bar on one side. Behind the bar is the cooking area (just one large grill and counter space) and the cooks are by far the cutest women in town. The cafe is also decorated with tons of cat kitsch–figurines, drawings, photographs of customer’s black cats that they give to the owner. Cats + brunch=pretty awesome! On a side note, one of the super cute experiences I’ve witnessed there was the owner–a dapper, artsy man in his 50s, maybe 60s,–flirting with my mother. Nothing ever happened between them, but good god, cute.

So the food. The food. Oh the food. Every time I’m there I order the scrambled tofu. It comes with salsa verde and red salsa (salsa rojo? I don’t know what exactly you’d call it) and sometimes I get a side of black beans with it and some tortillas to make a nice tofu rancheros. This time, apparently, I ordered the tofu with a side of the potatoes–perfectly browned and spicy, a nice complement to the tangy hot tofu and salsas. The coffee there is to die for too.

While there an unbelievable number of places to brunch at in Atlanta, I’d recommend Gato Bizco to anyone–vegan or non–if only for the laid back, kitschy vibe and the super awesome southwestern inspired food. Plus there’s never too much of a wait, even though the restaurant is always crowded–something you can’t say for Flying Biscuit, the too-popular-not-that-good brunch place across the street.

Gato Bizco Cafe
1660 McLendon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 371-0889

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8 Responses to “Vegan MoFo Day 10: I Love ATL, Part II”
  1. Man! I’ve lived less than a mile from Gato Bizco for most of my time in Atlanta and never made it over there. I need to eat there ASAP!

  2. shellyfish says:

    Sounds délicioso! And so cute about the mom-fliter dude.

  3. Jessica says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place. I’m not a fan of overcrowded, overpriced brunch places either – it’s great that the food is better at Gato Bizco! You are making me want to go to Atlanta.

  4. Monica says:

    I make tofu scramble all the the time but it never comes out looking THAT good. The ranchero and verde sauces are inspiring. And your posts make me realize that I’ve always underestimated Atlanta.

  5. rebecca says:

    Your mission – and you must accept it – is to find all the good breakfast places in Roanoke before I get there. A good breakfast place is a must. That’s one of the main reasons I bought a restaurant 2 years after we moved here – there was no good hang out, casual, coffeehouse/breakfast place (oh yeah, and I wanted to follow that foodie dream of having my own restaurant). And I created it and had it for a while…until the economy tanked. So now I need a new one – and definitely NOT one that I own.

  6. BitterSweet says:

    It really is surprisingly difficult to get a decent tofu scramble when dining out. If this place can nail it, then it must be a keeper!

  7. lazysmurf says:

    Wow that looks amazing! What a beatiful picture!!!

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