A Quick Restaurant Gush: Lucky Restaurant: Roanoke, VA

Oh my goodness, it’s been a ridiculous week. We were hit two nights ago with a snowfall that I really wasn’t expecting. Thankfully I’d rescued the cats from the cabin a few days before and had them holed up at G’s place when the storm hit, but unfortunately I didn’t pack ahead of time. Which means I’m heading to New Orleans and then Mobile for Christmas with none of the gifts I’d gotten for my family and with very very very few clothes (and most of them too warm for the area). So, I’ll be rocking the rolled up sweater arms and way too hot (temperature wise) boots look in the Big Easy. It could be worse but it’s pretty wonky as is!

That said, I’ve been saving some restaurant reviews I’ve been meaning to write since late October. Lucky, unfortunately, is just going to get a photo essay since I don’t have the time or energy to write a full review. BUT it’s my favorite restaurant in Roanoke and I’m having a permanent love affair with it, so I’m sure it won’t mind the food porn review.

Drinks. The first reason you should go to Lucky is for the amazing bar. Pictured here is the Tersey’s, their signature whiskey cocktail with bitters, lime, cherry, and some other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head. Be careful though, depending on who makes the drink, you might get one that’s **quite** strong. Not a bad thing by a long stretch, but dangerous if you’re driving! Lucky also has the best wine & beer selection in town, and I even got them to make me a mini-martini at the end of a long evening there. A+ for drinks!

Mussels. It’s true, I’ve been having another love affair with mussels this year. Lucky does come out on top, if only for amount, price, and deliciousness (wait, what else is there?). Seriously, G & I split the mussels and an entree and we came out full. It’s a heaping plate of sea-tastic goodness. This particular mussel came in a tomato curry broth; oh, and this one is a double mussel. Mmm yes.

The Specials. Ok, let’s talk pork: The Trotter Special. Wait, no, don’t worry, this trotter is the foot & the ankle section above the foot. It’s not the pickled pigs feet you see in stores down south. Don’t run away yet–order the damn thing. It also comes in Lucky’s famous Trotter Burger. Which I haven’t had. But which I must. The trotter special was served with a potato cake, poached duck egg (be still my heart), black trumpet mushroom, and watercress. G. was worried about the idea of it, then thanked me profusely for giving him a pout face until he said we could order it. Regular menu items are amazing too–the cassoulet has quite a following–but the specials always leave me swooning.

Dessert. I’m a pastry chef. I’m really picky when it comes to dessert. In fact, i never order it when I go out (unless I’m doing a tasting menu, of course). So I have to admit, I’m not bowled over. Yet. Pictured here is the apple & goat cheese tart. It was good, but the goat cheese wasn’t prevalent enough and at the end of the day it was just an apple pie. BUT when you add a scoop of their phenomenal **bourbon** ice cream, it does gain quite the appeal. When in doubt, order something with the bourbon ice cream.

Over all, I love the place. I love it more than I could have ever imagined loving a restaurant in this sleepy mountain town. So check it out, get a trotter!

Lucky Restaurant

18 Kirk Avenue
Roanoke, VA, 24011

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  1. James & Michelle L. says:

    We totally agree with the reviewer on Lucky restaurant. My husband and I went to Lucky in December for an early dinner and we had a wonderful time. Lucky is the only restaurant/pub in Roanoke Valley which makes us feel that we are transported to a chic metropolitan gastro-pub even though we are in Roanoke. It has a very unique ambience and tasty food. We love the little details that went into the design of the place.
    Where else in Roanoke can you enjoy good southern food and French cuisine (eg. Cassoulet) at the same restaurant?
    This is our favorite restaurant in Roanoke now.

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