On the Road Review: Sluggo’s in Pensacola

All of the very best intentions can be laid to waste by a snowstorm. Hence my general lack of posts the past week and a half. When I left Roanoke for New Orleans, I was snowed out of the cabin, thus unable to pack or get the Christmas gifts for my family (luckily I had some clothes from doing laundry the night before). One thing that made the list of “oops I don’t have that” was my camera charger. I was able to take a few days of photos in New Orleans, but from then on I’ve been borrowing G’s camera or one from my mom, unable to download anything onto my computer. Today’s adventure, however, I’ve got!

From Mobile (where my mother now lives), we headed east to Pensacola for the day to soak up some sun. My mom and her husband were antsy to check out the Pensacola Lighthouse located in the Naval airbase there. While the lighthouse was pretty, paying $5 to climb it wasn’t my cup of tea, so I headed out to the almost empty beach to wander around.

Hello white sand, blue skies, and crystal blue water! I think it was 50 degrees or something and it seemed just balmy out there. There wasn’t much to see, per say, but the peace and warmth was something I needed–a chance to get away by myself for a minute for the first time this trip.

After checking out the lighthouse we headed into Pensacola to find some lunch. Thanks to Yelp I’d discovered the amazing wonderfulness that is Sluggo’s–a vegan restaurant downtown! It says it’s just vegetarian, but I couldn’t find anything non-vegan on the menu. Unfortunately, they were out of the collards & the spicy cheeky “wings,” but there was plenty of other goodness to check out on the menu: sandwiches, yummy rice bowls with veggie goodness, chili, salads, entrees, etc.

I settled on the Berliner sandwich: a vegan reuben with marinated seitan, locally baked rye bread, sauerkraut, grilled onions, “soy Russian dressing,” and soy cheese. NOM. Washed down with a pint of Lazy Magnolia Pecan Ale, I was one happy camper. The seitan was perfectly seasoned–not too salty–and it paired perfectly with the mild rye and crunchy onions & kraut. The sides of a salad and chili were perfect for the winter weather too–the salad was a great mix of romaine and spinach and leafy lettuce and tomatoes and onions and cukes with a tahini dressing and the chili was a spicy blend of red beans and tvp and carrots and corn oh my. It was waaay too much food for a regular lunch, but since I hadn’t eaten all day and it was 3 pm at this point it was great.

On the way home, we drove along the gulf, watching the sunset, and stopped in at the Floribama. While I didn’t have the chance to drink a brew, it was fun to see the landmark and imagine how hopping it would be in the summer. I’d definitely like to have a chance to go back–without my mom, though. You know.

But if you’re in Pensacola, definitely check out Sluggo’s. They have shows every week or so (of the punk variety), a good list of brews, a cheap-o happy hour, and some deeelish vegan eats. It was one rockin’ meal that I needed by the end of this trip!

101 S Jefferson St
Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 791-6501

3 Responses to “On the Road Review: Sluggo’s in Pensacola”
  1. Looks like a wonderful trip – and certainly worthwhile, getting out of the snow!

  2. Oh, woah! I didn’t realize there was more than one Sluggo’s! We went to one in Chattanooga last month, and it was great. Luckily, they had the wings. :) They were so good!

  3. Beth says:

    Thank you for the pictures of white sand and blue water. We still have snow on the ground from the foot we got over Christmas, so I really needed to see pictures of a place that is warm! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

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