Black & White Chili

I hope everyone had a great weekend, for me, this weekend was just as wonderful as I wanted it to be! I did indeed buy a new pair of running shoes (Brooks! With inserts because, as I’ve learned, my feet aren’t so stellar and need the help), I got a lot of work done on […]

Saturday Sunning

No food, just a super cute yawning sun stretchin’ lazy cat. 60 something degree sunny windy weather here in Roanoke and I’ve been running Big Pine Provisions this morning, handing out cups of locally roasted coffee and sample of my (if I can say so myself) rockin’ blackberry cheesecake.  Yay for local food! Post-work I’m […]

Nothing Says Love Like Dinner

What we ate for Valentine’s Day dinner: Homesick Texan’s Chiles en Nogada with local heritage pork from Bramble Hollow Farms and a delicious margarita that G. whipped up, and a whiskey honey peach pie with a rye crust made from Ginger Hillery’s amazing stone ground rye flour, honey from up the mountain in Floyd, and […]


Thankful: 1. (a) “Feeling or expressing thanks or gratitude; prompted by feelings of gratitude; grateful.” –The Oxford English Dictionary Today I woke up with an intense feeling thankfulness–for Roanoke, for my friends & family, and, most of all, for G.  I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan, but I don’t mind the reminder to consciously […]

A Very Veggie Burger Tour of DC

D.C. was one of those trips that was filled with really excellent moments–you know, those moments where you think, damn, that was weird, but then keep going and don’t think about it too much. I was able to catch up with old friends (more to come later!), be surrounded by ten hundred million writers (ok, […]

Birch & Barley–Washington D.C.

I’m just going to go ahead and start my D.C. recap with a bang–the best meal I ate last week–and then go back through the others, some of which were more memorable, some more tasty, some more imbued with my love of Twin Peaks. Hawk, is there any clue you can’t sniff out? God, I […]

Roasted Parsnip & Carrot Soup w/ Black Truffle

Post-sick and on my way to AWP, the annual writers conference, which is being held in Washington D.C. this year.  It should be a good time, and, of course, I’m on the lookout for suggestions on where to eat.  G & I have plans to hit up Meskerem, an Ethiopian restaurant for sure, and I’m […]