First Market of the Year & Spring Quiche

Spring has finally sprung here in southwestern Virginia, and while I have a love-hate relationship to the season thanks to pollen allergies, I love the fact that it’s officially farmers market season! Yesterday, in addition to the Earth Day celebration in Grandin Village, was the opening day for the Grandin Village Farmers Market, and it […]

The Pig–Chapel Hill

Some of you might be wondering if I ever cook anymore. The answer, unfortunately, is not so much. Cooking for this week consisted of one giant batch of pasta with mushrooms and broccoli which I’ve eaten at least one meal of a day for the last five days, and today, finally, I cooked something for […]

Mediterranean Deli–Chapel Hill

Wow, this trip recap seems to be taking a year. I’ve been in the weeds with finishing up my MFA lately–this past Friday the first draft of my thesis was due, tonight I had an exam in my class on Chaucer, Friday is my Comprehensive Exam, then there’s a 20 page paper due for Chaucer, […]

Taco Trucks & Biscuit Drive-Thrus & Coffee (Lots of Coffee)

While I love a good fancy-pants meal like the one at Lantern, I satisfied my other serious cravings and cheap food trucks, drive-thrus, and coffee shops.  My bigger complaints about Roanoke is the lack of good, cheap food (everything is generally either “pricey” a la Local Roots or Lucky or disgusting & cheap a la […]

Lantern: Chapel Hill, NC

With this post, I bring you to Chapel Hill Week(s): the week or so you’re going to see only Chapel Hill related posts due to a series of weekends in the delightful North Carolina Piedmont college town.  The fact that, before last weekend, I had never visited Chapel Hill astounds me: I’m from Atlanta, I […]

Book Review: Blood, Bones & Butter

I’ve been waiting for the energy and time to write this post for quite awhile now—only three posts in March?  Yeah, it’s been a little busy around here.  I promise there’s a post about what’s been going on—work, running, thesis (2 weeks to go ya’ll), traveling, etc.—but first things first: Gabrielle Hamilton’s book Blood, Bones […]