Udipi Cafe–Atlanta

Finally, back to blogging! It seems that whenever I get in a groove of updating, something happens. This time, part-way into the Atlanta trip, my camera decided to stop transferring images. Which meant I needed to get a card reader. Best Buy, unfortunately, charges double what Amazon does, so it was really a smarter option […]

Be Back Soon!

 Full moon over Atlanta I’m not dead, but I’m having some camera issues (waiting for a new card reader to arrive). As soon as I have it, I’ll be back with reviews of fantastic South Indian cuisine, a beautiful and all-too-delicious meal at Restaurant Eugene, and more!


When John Watson of the AJC called Bocado’s burger the “Best Burger (Stack)” in April’s Spring 2011 Dining Guide, I thought Bocado might be a restaurant to add to the list. But then when Creative Loafing included the burger in its “100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Before You Die” round-up, I knew I had […]


Oh look, a post! Do you know what that means? I’m done! DONE! I done got me another diploma, Chaucer be damned! Graduation is next week and I won’t be walking for it, but you can bet your best two cents that I’ll take a picture with it to post next week. For the first […]

Spring Split Pea Soup

And the countdown’s really begun: passed my comps! Turning in my thesis this week! Only one minor thing in the way–a 20 page paper on Chaucer. Oof. Not that Chaucer’s all that bad, per se, but not my forte in literature. We’ll see how that one goes. Busy busy busy, but it looks like the […]