Restaurant Eugene–Atlanta

Sometimes the most memorable meals of life are too delicious to truly write about, and my thoughts on Restaurant Eugene pale in comparison to the food. Some moments–like the vidalia onion soup–may not look like much, but every bite of this dinner was different and exciting, every second a second to savor. I’m so glad that, several years after being told to go!, I finally made the pilgrimage.

And if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you really ought to check it out, if only to find David Sweeney’s genius back at work. The vegetable plate was elegant and extraordinary–and I can only imagine what the extremely talented Sweeney (previously of Dynamic Dish) could pull off in the five or seven course vegetarian tasting menu.

If you haven’t been, you must go. If you’ve gone, go back. Again and again and again.

Amuse Bouche
(I honestly don’t remember anymore what was in it, except for peas/beans & pickled beets)

Georgia Vidalia Onion Soup
Jumbo lump crab salad (arranged in the dish with the bisque poured on top), bread & butter pickles, clabber cream

A Tasting of Spring Vegetables
Glazed baby carrots, skillet asparagus, anson mill farro, sorghum-glazed purple top turnips, butterbeans, summer squash, mushroom with kale dumplings, watermelon radish, beet relish, kohlrabi, cucumber and beet thinning

Gulf Red Snapper
Sugar snap peas, shitake chips, poached lobster, bacon powder, smoked fresno hot sauce, green onions, pickled kumquats

Trio of Sorbet
75% dark chocolate, walnut milk, wood sorrel

Restaurant Eugene
2277 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 355-0321

5 Responses to “Restaurant Eugene–Atlanta”
  1. The first dish looks like fava beans, roasted probably in olive oil, topped with a beet pickle chutney. Also maybe some chives and rosemary?

    You don’t deconstruct your food when you’re in the restaurant?

    Be careful sharing fava beans with friends – some people have a severe allergy reaction (hemolysis, death) and aren’t aware that they have the condition (failure to produce a particular enzyme: G6PD). It’s very common in people of Mediterranean ancestry.

    • Jes says:

      Ah, I do and I did–the amuse bouche was explained to me and then G & I picked out other elements, but it’s actually a sort of local field pea (from South Carolina, I think) and the pickled beet wasn’t a chutney. The meal was several weeks ago and I wasn’t able to write anything down at the restaurant. The dish was actually very complex & not at all what you’d expect.

      If my camera hadn’t bonked out on me and if I would have been able to post immediately after the email, then it’d be a more complete description. As it is, I don’t have the info. Oh well. :)

  2. That last photo looks like an icy bowl of heaven right about now. The colors are so much fun!

  3. eric says:

    Whoa, wood sorrel ice cream! How was it? Lemony?

  4. Monica says:

    Whoa, you’ve redesigned your site! Nice! I love that veg platter. And oh do i miss vidalia onions. That soup looks like pure awesomeness!

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