Grilled Vegetable Pesto Salad

Summertime and the living is…hot? Very very very hot if you happen to live anywhere close to where I am. With record temperatures and dry as hell heat waves sweeping across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic, I have to admit, I don’t ever feel much like cooking these days! Thankfully, G is a master of […]

Brooklyn Wrap-Up

I’m going to take a lead from Tasha and NOT apologize for my absence. I owe you guys a long what-the-hell-has-happened-lately-in-my-life-post (wow, that was a lot of hyphens in a row), but for the moment, I’m simply going to wrap-up the Brooklyn trip and dwell on a few of the high notes. A trip to […]

Roebling Tea Room — Brooklyn, NY

It’s impossible to ever feel like you eat 1% of what you ought to when visiting New York City–especially when you’re on a time crunch like G & I were this last trip. Since three years had passed since I was last there and since I’m no longer a vegan, it was a different ball […]

Vegan Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog with Avocado & Sour Cream

It’s been really fun reading everyone’s Fourth of July recaps (well, from the American bloggers at least)! Like everyone else, I had a wonderful long weekend off of work and realized, while lazing around on Monday, that I could use a long weekend almost every weekend. It seems that it takes two days off to […]

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, You Steal My Heart Every Time

After our eating that amazing fried egg reuben at Blue Sky in Bethlehem, G & I hopped in our car and headed east to New York. The drive itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be–we didn’t hit any traffic and even driving across Manhattan wasn’t too bad. A little slow, but nothing […]