Brooklyn Wrap-Up

I’m going to take a lead from Tasha and NOT apologize for my absence. I owe you guys a long what-the-hell-has-happened-lately-in-my-life-post (wow, that was a lot of hyphens in a row), but for the moment, I’m simply going to wrap-up the Brooklyn trip and dwell on a few of the high notes.

A trip to New York is no trip at all without brunch–although I didn’t eat breakfast foods either morning. The more memorable brunch was at Anella in Greenpoint, and though G & I split both the burger and the BLT, the burger won out in my mind. The picture, I think, does the dish justice, though I can’t explain how satisfying it was after a long night of awesome music at the Northside Festival. Served on a brioche bun with crispy, salty fries on the side, it hit the spot. As did the Bloody Mary–definitely one of the better ones I’ve had with lots of kick and tomato goodness (the tomato makes it good for you, right?).

The main attraction of the weekend, though, was seeing Guided By Voices perform at the Northside Festival and Robert Pollard didn’t let us down. While he might not have been as kicking as usual–the guy is only, what, 53 or 54?–he played and and he sang and he did that some more. There were three or four encores, making it one of the longest shows I’ve been at. Surprisingly, the park wasn’t too crowded and, thankfully, it was a cooler weekend or else the blacktop would have been a little rough. But it wasn’t and the show was great and I can now say that I’ve seen Guided By Voices. Hooray!

Before the show, though, we gnoshed on some rockin’ taco truck tacos on Bedford Ave. I didn’t know anything particular about the one we stopped at–it just happened to be on the right block–but the tongue tacos and tripe were super-duper-good and they hit my real-Mexican food cravings.

Aside from the music and the food and the all-around awesomeness that Brooklyn is, it was great to catch up with a good friend and hang out. The more I stick around in life, the more I realize that the only thing that really matters is friendship. Not politics or work or even relationships. Funny how I tend to find myself wrapped up in the everyday drama I’m presented with. So, to sum up the trip, good food was had, revelations were found in bacon-wrapped hot dogs, great music was heard, and, after three years, I finally got to spend time with a good friend I miss dearly. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, you steal my heart every time.

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  1. eileen says:


    Oh man, do I miss Brooklyn brunch. Jealous!

  2. Yay for no apologies! And I have to say YAY for that amazing looking burger. I think burgers actually call to my soul….I love them so very much. I’d take a good burger over a steak any day! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’m glad. :-)

  3. Jac says:

    Is that Dave Marek? I didn’t know y’all were friends!

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