Pesto-Stuffed Eight Ball Zucchini

It’s been pretty nippy when I’ve gone into work this week–though I guess 64 isn’t exactly the definition of “nippy,” but it’s quite a switch from the multi-95+ degree weeks we had this summer.  Fall is coming whether I like it or not, and with its demise ends the summer veggie splurge.  My poor tomato […]

Paco’s Tacos & Monday Archive

In this morning’s office meeting (I work at a small firm these days), someone brought up that September starts this week–say what?! Personally, I’m disturbed by this turn of events. Where did August go? Did someone steal it from me? And what did I do this summer? I guess I feel this way mostly because, […]

Monday Archive: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers

When I was sitting at my desk at work thinking about what recipe to highlight for today’s Monday Archive (because, I’ll be honest, I spend a decent amount of time using leftover brainpower at work to think about food), I knew I wanted to feature a favorite one, re-done, to see if I still liked […]

Lazy Summer Tomato Sauce

When it rains, it pours…tomatoes?  Remember how I said I ended up with 15 flourishing, healthy, and producing tomato plants? Well, right now is when they’re a’burstin’ with fruit and I’m drowning in cherries, reds, romas, and purple Cherokees. I loved all of you guys’ suggestions for what to do with the bounty, and some […]

Sunset Beach, NC

I know, I know, I just started the Monday Archive idea two weeks ago, but you’re going to have to work with me because I have a backlog of posts so I’m switching it up today with a mini-vacation (but not-so-mini-lengthwise) post! View from our back porch on the first day–a wee bit rainy, but […]

Korean-Inspired Vegetables & Dumplings

While my visit to Kalbee might not have resulted in the most satisfying meal, it did inspire me to play around with some of the menu concepts and break out the pepper paste I’ve been lugging around with me through all these moves. A couple of years ago I made a few Korean stews and […]

Kalbee — Pembroke, VA

Tucked in a fairly empty, rural part of southwest Virginia is the Kalbee Korean restaurant in Pembroke.  Housed in a brick one-storey building and decorated with a weird Italian-Korean-kitschy fusion of trout memorabilia, cute kitten figurines, and jars of pickling garlic, the restaurant stands out from the ordinary, if only because it’s (in my mind) […]

Monday Archive–Mojito Eclairs (and a sold car!)

This weekend I had all the intentions of cooking up a big pot of soup for the week–Korean Vegetable & Dumpling Soup, to be exact–but, as it always seems to happen, life had other things in mind. But good other things! Saturday and Sunday saw me mostly helping out G with house renovation things (the […]

A Little Dirt On My Hands

For years now I’ve wanted to grow my own food–and this year I finally got the chance!  Last year I (and several other friends) invested in a ton or two of good, nutritious soil, and helped grow a bunch of seedlings.  Life got a little too hectic for me, one of the friends moved to […]

Monday Archive–7 Posts

I was going to take pictures of the fun G & I had this weekend, but the fun ended up being us chilling and not doing anything. How awesome is that?! G always jokes that he doesn’t know how to chill and that it’s the thing I’m best at, but I think with everything we’ve […]