McAfee’s Knob Hike & Geeking Out on Windows 8

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As anyone who follows my Twitter feed may have noticed, it’s been a little geeky these past two days. The reason? Windows BUILD, the developer conference featuring Windows 8, the upcoming version. The bigger question, though, is why the hell I care. I don’t really, but I do. It’s oh-so-complicated.  (Isn’t everything in life?)

Photo credit G

For one (and the slightly lame romantic answer), G is out there and I miss him like no other. He was told on Wednesday or Thursday of last week that he needed replace one of his coworkers who couldn’t go, so, boom, Sunday early morning put him on a plane to LA. And he’s gone till late Sunday night. But for the other reason, even though I’m an English/Ecology major, poetry MFA-er, I really like technology. It gets me jazzed. It’s the field I work in these days, even if it’s not the actual coding or building of anything. And the keynote addresses got me all hot and bothered. As an Apple aficionado, I’m converted, I’ve seen the light. Windows is a gamechanger right now and I cannot wait to play around on G’s Windows 8 tablet. Will be awhile till I get my own (no release date yet), but I’m holding out for it–now to make my MacBook last that long.

But what’s a girl to do when her partner is gone? Go hiking. Somehow it’d been two years since I hiked McAfee’s and with the gorgeous weather on Sunday and the fact that I was up anyway at 6:30 in the morning convinced me that it was time to hit the trail. My legs are still paying for it today, but c’est la vie.

The hike itself was beautiful and I managed to be on the trail after the early early rush and before the later rush. It’s a busy trail, but I only passed a few people on the way up–much more on the way down. And to have something to keep my irrationally worried mind off G flying the west coast during the 10th anniversary of 9/11 helped too. Yes, worrying was irrational, but it’s what I do.

Even though it’s warm and still feels like summer, the trees are starting to sing a different song, and reds and oranges were starting to pop up in the leaves. The switch is due in part to the drought, but, somehow, it is mid-September and, thus, that time of year. And a little skink decided to ho it up for the camera, letting me take 10 or 12 shots before I packed the camera away and let him go back to his skinking.

And for a mid-hike snack? Some vegan lemon cream pasta with chickpeas, pickled cherry tomatoes, and kale did the trick. But that recipe’s to come.

I’m not digging this time away from G, but I’m working on making the best of it: gardening, hanging out with friends, drinking a little to much (but, hey, it’s fun, kept my mind off it all), and sleeping sprawled out on the bed. And I’m almost half way there–four more nights. I can do it. I can do it. And I’ll keep geeking out about Windows 8–can’t help it (smile).

3 Responses to “McAfee’s Knob Hike & Geeking Out on Windows 8”
  1. Chuck says:

    I want to run those trails!

  2. rebecca says:

    Giving up mac??? Blasphemy! (that’s coming from an all mac household, of course). But ya never know what else might be the next cool thing so will love to hear what you discover.

    And you’ve inspired me to get my (and Layla’s) butt in gear and go hiking already. That was one of the reasons I was so happy to move here – to get back to hiking on beautiful mountains – but somehow we haven’t gotten around to it. Too hot, too busy (that damn unfinished chicken coop), and having to start from scratch figuring out where to go. So perhaps I’ll take your post as a sign that McAfee’s Knob is where we should start…

  3. INCREDIBLE. Seriously, those photos are beautiful. One (major) drawback of living here is that hiking outside is never very beautiful. Enjoy your lovely surroundings!

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