Gillie’s & Rubblebucket–Blacksburg

So how about that “real” post I promised? This past Friday night, G & I and a few other friends headed south on I-81 to Blacksburg, the college town home to Virginia Tech. Our plan was to catch Rubblebucket and eat some awesome vegetarian/vegan food (disclaimer, G & M ate fish dishes–Gillie’s does serve fish, but no pork/chicken/beef/etc.). Gillie’s is one of those old school veg places: founded in the 70s, G remembers it as being too grungy for him in the 90s, it’s now a cozy cafe with really affordable nicer veg food.

While there were several amazing looking soups on the menu which G & K tried, I opted for a vegan caesar salad before my main dish. I mean, who can pass up a vegan caesar? It’s so rare to see one on a menu–especially in this part of Virginia–and the caesar didn’t disappoint. G tried it and said it was just about as close to a regular caesar salad as you could get without anchovies, and the tangy, creamy dressing was perfect on the romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and croutons.

For my main dish I ordered the Tofu Gado-Gado, mostly because since G is allergic to peanuts, I haven’t had peanut sauce in ages. Tons of crunch-fresh veggies and tofu made the base of the dish (with rice) and the peanut sauce was spot-on craveable. It wasn’t anything special, but it was that kind of vegan comfort food that I sometimes really really want. It hit the spot fo sho.

K ordered the Nori Crusted Tofu and it was gorgeous–plated with asparagus and a wasabi sauce (which really packed a punch). The tofu was glorious with it’s crunchy nori and sesame seed coating and the asparagus was perfectly cooked with tons of crunch left in it. Definitely more elegant than my dish, the Asian flavors really shone through with freshness in the tofu.  Nothing like creative vegan cuisine!!

After Gillie’s we grabbed a drink at The Cellar and then headed over to Awful Arthur’s for the show (Awful Arthur’s is a chain restaurant that serves seafood but always has a bar in the back with a stage for medium-sized shows–always a kind of weird atmosphere, but at least they can fit a crowd).

I’d been wanting to see Rubblebucket for a few months now–they played at Floyd Fest, but we weren’t able to get tickets the day of the Festival, so we missed them. My friend D, the one I visited in NYC, is one of their publicists, which piqued my interest even more, so I was stoked to get to see them.

Their music is a mix of horns and awesome dance beats and a little bit jam band-ish. I’m not super into the whole jam band scene, but there was enough interest with the Balkan influence and the fast paced, danceable beat. I wish I could have caught more of the show, but the bit I did was fantastic–hopefully I’ll be able to catch them again in this neck of the woods. I definitely had a lot of fun photographing them at least (smile).

153 College Avenue
Blacksburg, VA 24060-7401
(540) 961-2703

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  1. tadmack says:

    That is all.

    Okay, maybe not all. That Nori encrusted tofu makes me have deep want, because I want SOMEONE ELSE to do the work of fixing that for me. I miss living where you can get good vegan and veg food in a restaurant. I know, lazy me.

  2. Fun! That tofu looks flippin’ awesome.

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