Monday Archive: Smoky Split Pea Soup

A day late and a dollar short, Merry Christmas to everyone! G & I enjoyed a very relaxed holiday, with plenty of movie watching, couch lazing, and mixed drink making (Sazeracs are just ohsogood with Fee Brothers Bitters!) Dorian, while still not super interested in the Christmas tree, did decide to model in front of […]

Holiday Hosting & Sand Tarts Cookies

Tis the season to host parties–at least now that we have a house to host them in–and G & I hosted our first Casa G Christmas Party this past Saturday. For the fete, I whipped up a couple of batches of Christmas cookies from the family archive, as well as some savory hors d’oeuvres, and […]

Dark Days: Roasted Pumpkin, Turnip, & Garlic Soup with Balsamic Vinegar

I should really learn to come up with short, witty names for my recipes some day–the name “Roasted Pumpkin, Turnip & Garlic Soup with Balsamic Vinegar” is just a wee bit long. But it’s what I got. (smile) The other night found me in the kitchen with a bigger loot of local produce than normal–cleaned […]

Gingerbread House Party

 Photo Credit: Susan J This past Sunday I hosted a lovely group of ladies (and one young gent) for a gingerbread house making party. It’s one of those things that sounds amazing on paper, but once you get elbow deep in Crisco and sugar, you realize it’s kind of a big deal. While I’ll never […]

G’s Birthday: Blue Apron & Red Rooster Bar

Far, far too long ago, G & I ate at Blue Apron & Red Rooster Bar in Salem. And we meant to go back for the Spring menu. But I was trying to write a Master’s thesis. And the we meant to go in Summer, but G & I were fixing up a house to […]

Dark Days: Cabbage w/ Coconut & Mustard Seed Curry

Dark Days post #2 and a weeknight quickie: cabbage curry. We had a head of cabbage from the last week of Grandin’s farmers market (Halloween-ish) in the fridge that just needed to be used up–turns out our dead fridge replacement fridge (a nicer used one from an appliance store down the street) has some temperature […]

Monday(ish) Archive: Eggnog Cupcakes

It’s Monday somewhere, right? (ok, ok, I’m pretty sure it isn’t…but things derail occasionally and we’ll just pretend it’s Monday). I know most of you guys have been posting Holiday-themed goodies for the past week or so, but I’m running a little late in the game. Better late than never, yes? So here’s some goodness […]

Thanksgiving 2011

Sometimes I question G & I’s sanity, but, even though we had just moved into the house a few days before Thanksgiving, we still managed to pull off a fantastic relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving with eight wonderful friends. While I roasted the turkey (local, free-range) and covered it in bacon (when you’re cooking a turkey […]

Dark Days 2011: Pumpkin Cream Pasta

This year is the first I’ve ever not been a student come Autumn “fall back” which means it’s the first year I haven’t had the luxury of mornings or afternoons or whatever stretches of daylight to nab for food photography. I used to think it was hard back then…little did I know. Hello, is everyone […]