Dark Days: Soul Veg Inspired Kale Salad

I’m not in a rut–I’m just addicted to kale salads! Some beast awakened within me that yells “more kale” every day–and thankfully I can satisfy it with the locally grown stuff. The latest most-addicting kale salad since last week is this simple one inspired by Soul Veg, a vegan soul food restaurant in Atlanta (and […]

Gymnopedie–Athens, GA

It’s very rare that a restaurant captivates me the way that Gymnopedie, in Athens, Georgia, did. It’s a tiny space–seats sixteen people–and it’s a vegetarian restaurant, something most chefs would shy away from, but it’s a space that tells stories–stories about food, about place, about each ingredient’s potential, and, most importantly, stories that reflect back […]

Athens, GA: Part I

That delightful virus that socked me a few weeks ago proved a bit of a dilemma: G & I had tickets to the Jeff Mangum show in Athens, GA–not only a long weekend away, but also the beginning of the culmination of a dream we thought we’d never see played out (seeing Mangum play live […]

Dark Days: Kale & Arugula Salad with Roasted Acorn Squash

So, global climate change anyone? After this weekend (and again tonight–we’re having a thunderstorm now of all things), I’d find it hard not to admit that climate change is something to ponder. 65 degrees and sunny one day, massive snow storm the next…Who’da thunk. Saturday, given the awesomeness that the weather was, G & I […]

Fermentation Workshop

A few weeks ago, a group of us gathered to discuss and try out different fermentation techniques. The class was led by my friend R and the topics ranged from kombucha to sourdough to kimchi and sauerkraut–more than enough ideas to bounce around when you’re just getting started. Although I knew a little about fermenting, […]

Raleigh Wrap-Up: J Betski’s, Foundation, & The Federal

Well, The Federal is technically in Durham, but for brevity’s sake in the title, we’ll call it Raleigh… Oh my goodness, I’m seriously behind schedule here. I keep not getting things done during the week (i.e. not posting) and then I’m faced with a mountain of restaurant recaps and recipes. So! To tidy things up, […]

Dark Days: Not Really a Recipe Roasted Vegetables & Mash

This isn’t a recipe, it’s more of a meditation. These days I’ve been rushing around trying to get everything done–laundry, taxes, running, swimming, classes at the Y, cooking, other bits around the house–and I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten how to slow down, how to breathe, how to just chop some vegetables. I’ve also forgotten simple […]

Dark Days: Strawberry Chocolate Raw Cheesecake

That’s a pack of ginger chews in the background, by the way, not cigarettes! (smile) A day late and a dollar short with this Dark Days post, but, to put it delicately, let’s just say that I’ve gotten to know our house’s toilet a little more intimately than I would have liked this week. I’m […]

Chateau Morrisette & Pho Saigon

Way back when (ok, actually the first weekend of January, I suppose), my father came to visit (our first house guest in Casa G!) and to share a little post-Christmas-Christmas with us.  And no visit to Roanoke, in my opinion, is complete without a hike & visit to a winery. For the hike, we hit […]