Part I: Tiverton & Minehead

It’s incredible to think that we’re back in the US–and have been for over a week now; one of those things where it seemed like the trip might never happen (we originally bought tickets for the festival in February of 2011) and now, poof, it’s over. Ready to be parsed and digested. Or at least […]

We Made It!!!!

Paddington Station We’re over in England & France for the next two weeks–hopefully I’ll update a bit as I go. But for now, we’ve been on the road/in the air for who knows how long, time to sleep!

Bruno’s GastroTruck–Roanoke

2012 appears to be the magical year–Roanoke gained not one, but two, food trucks. Food trucks! We’ve entered 2006 finally! All sarcasm aside, I’m incredibly stoked to see, in this case, one established restaurant and one entrepreneur-family try out the food truck model–both to success. The most unexpected one is the one I’ll recap first–Bruno’s […]


Ten years ago, I’m told, Roanoke had little to offer by way of ethnic food–Nawab was around as well as Chinese take-out or tex-mex–but now everything’s different. Since moving here a little over two years ago, even, more and more restaurants have opened, from authentic Latin American cuisine to Thai to Vietnamese, etc. Xinachtli, a […]

Firefly Fare–Roanoke

While I’ve been in Roanoke for over 2.5 years now, there’s a lot I don’t really understand–like why we have a giant star on the side of a mountain (sure, Wikipedia helped me with that one, but still), why people complain about the traffic (what traffic???), and, important to this post, the building called the […]