LuckyFest 2012: The Lambs & Clams Tour

A few weekends ago, Lucky Restaurant in downtown Roanoke held their first annual LuckyFest, part of “The Lambs and Clams Tour”–a touring little food & drink festival (or, at least, a festival in Roanoke and in Charleston, SC) that Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm and Travis and Ryan Croxton from Rappahannock River Oysters cooked […]

Balsamic Chipotle Roasted Strawberry Brownies

The first day of market is always an exciting one–for the first time in months I get to see and hug all the folks I’ve missed over the winter, the entire neighborhood (and/or city) comes out carrying reusable bags to store their haul in, and everyone, yup, everyone, is happy and friendly and willing to […]

The River & Rail Sneak Peek

Technology issues aside (I left my camera battery charging at work & didn’t realize it till I was there and G’s backup camera had a full memory card–thankfully we deleted a few photos off the card & I was able to use his camera), G & I had a lovely time this evening at The […]

Truffled Butternut Spaghetti

Thanks for all the garden help, everyone, I’m definitely going to take some of the suggestions to heart! This evening I spent an hour or so weeding bed that runs the length of the house behind the vegetable boxes–I swear to something I’ve never seen such a forest of thistles. Wish they’d been nettles because […]

Beginnings of a Garden

Rainy day here in Roanoke and since we can’t be outside working on the garden, it’s the perfect time to sip a beer and write about the garden! We’ve had a bit of a slow start–with the new house it took a long time to draw up plans and then being gone for half of […]

Citrus-Roasted Tofu

I’ll admit, this is nothing more than a slightly adapted recipe from Food Republic. But sometimes, someone else’s recipe just works and there’s no real reason to tweak it. I made this dish…well, before Europe…actually, I think it was right after New Year’s (oh my) since I used this amazing in-house spinach tofu from H […]

Part VI: Birthday in Paris

And now for the final installment (I promise a bright citrusy tofu recipe for the next post! And garden updates! And other recipes in the very close future!) of our England-Paris trip–our final day in Paris which, coincidentally, was also my 25th birthday (no really, we didn’t plan it that way, it just worked out, […]

Part V: Gold, Bones, & Gaspard de la Nuit

Not every meal in Paris can be “THE BEST” meal, can it? I think it can. Who is to say that, with the right preparation, one can’t eat an entirely new and amazing and utterly delicious meal every single time? Point in case, Happy Nouilles, this fantastic little Chinese place on Rue Beaubourg. The draw? […]

Part IV: Love Letter to Paris

Oh Paris, you’re just amazing. That view you gave us from our apartment, the windows flung open to let the evening breeze finger through? I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget the doves (pigeons, what have you) cooing from the rooftops, Marais unfolding as a series of terra cotta roofs. And that apartment! Sure it […]

Part III: The “Rest” of London

It’s hard to “see” any city in only a few days, so the “rest of London” is really quite a joke, but let’s just cram in the remainder of our London segment in this post, shall we? The first evening in London, strangely enough, we saw the Queen. Yup, she’s waaaaaaay back there in her […]