Baked Falafel with Fava Bean Salad & Harissa

The last of the favas. And today, of all things, it’s 104 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Now who on earth said summer could come with such a vengeance to the Appalachian mountains? This morning I woke early (for me—I realize plenty of people get up hours before I do) at 6 am and drove a friend’s […]

First Look: The River and Rail–Roanoke

Back in April, I was given the chance to sneak a peek at The River & Rail, a new local-foods-cum-Southern-oriented restaurant in the Crystal Springs neighborhood of Roanoke. At the sneak peek, G & I were given the chance to enjoy some wine, chat with other residents and with restaurateurs, and, most importantly, taste a […]

SSFC: Green Smoothies

A day late and a dollar short to the party (oh heck yes, I’ll mix metaphors if I want!), I’m here offering a humble green smoothie. Bright green. Super green. And chock full of fresh, local fruits and veggies like chard and nectarines and blueberries. The green smoothie revolution started a long time ago, and […]

Crazy Ass Backpacking/Whatever Girls’ Weekend

Things often turn out differently than I think they will. I mean, that’s the truth with pretty much anything–from that potato salad I posted on Monday to trying to understand family dynamics. And, trust me, I don’t like it. I’m a planner. I’m really big into Google Docs (or Drive, whatever it’s called now), researching […]

Market-Fresh Potato Salad

It almost feels like cheating to post this recipe–so simple, so “throw what you want in it,” so delicious. And, hey, it’s not like I haven’t posted a potato salad (or this one) on the blog before. But you can never have too many, especially now that it’s summer (give or take two days, obviously) […]

Seven Years Is Far Too Long

Seven years is far too long not to see a good friend. Last week I was lucky enough to drive up to Charlottesville to see my good friend A. Well, A’s more than just a good friend, he’s actually my boyfriend (first boyfriend!) from high school, and we hadn’t seen each other in seven years. […]

SSFC: Farm Fresh Stir-Fry

Ahhh, the weekend–why over so soon? I don’t know about you guys, but I had a fantastic one. Some yard work, baking cupcakes for coworkers’ birthdays this week, Big Lick Beertopia on Saturday, a hike with friends today–couldn’t get much nicer. Also nice, discovering that I have enough recipes & reviews in the pipeline to […]

Day in Durham

What’s a solo girl to do after the amazing experience in Saxapahaw? What could ever measure up to great food, an awesome friend, and a fantastic band? Spending the day (or morning and early afternoon, at least) tromping around Durham to see what it has to offer, of course! After spending a rather restless night […]

Saxapahaw, NC–The Eddy & Archers of Loaf

Have you ever traveled somewhere and been completely blown away by the place you’re standing in? The realization that somewhere you thought was nowhere was actually the place you wish you lived in? Or at least a place within thirty minutes of you? That place where each little store and restaurant feels handpicked for you […]

SSFC 2012: Late Spring Pesto Risotto

Now that I’ve recapped our Memorial Day weekend extravaganzas, it’s actually hitting me that it’s past Memorial Day. My how time flies? Seriously, how do you all deal with it? I’m looking for some coping techniques! Out with May and in with June means the kick-off of the first ever SSFC: Souther SOLE (Sustainable, Organic, […]