Zucchini Blackberry Bread

Wow, I had an amazing time at FloydFest this past weekend—tons of friends and lovely strangers dancing their hearts out to everything from old school bluegrass to the Punch Brothers to Matisyahu. The weather held out for us and it didn’t rain the entire time I was there (G got a little soaked on Friday […]

Off to FloydFest!

I’m off to FloydFest for the weekend & with all the packing and preparing, I don’t have a post for today. Look for (hopefully) a fun recap next week of the music & eats & hanging out that’s sure to ensue!

Double Apple — Roanoke

You know how I always complain about the falafel situation in Roanoke? How I really just want a street food falafel, nothing fancy, and I’ve yet to find a restaurant here that meets the criteria? Well, I think I found it. A few weeks ago, G & I were deciding where to go for dinner […]


I’ve been struggling lately with failure. It’s something I don’t like to talk about–I mean, who does? Who wants to openly admit that they’ve failed at something? Take these plum clafoutis for example. I couldn’t resist the golden plums glimmering in the early morning sun at market this past Saturday. They called out to me. […]

Roasted Red Pepper Burgers

Given that my newest issue of Garden & Gun arrived in the mail yesterday, you can assume that I’d rather be drinking a gin & tonic and flipping through the pages than be responsible and write a blog post, but, hey, I’ll be a consistent blogger if it kills me. (I hope it doesn’t kill […]

Summer Stuffed Portobellos

Seems like Virginia turned into Florida these afternoons–hot and sunny all day until 3 pm and then, bam, massive storm rolling in from Ohio or somewhere west of us. Fun to watch the sky change to quickly, listen to the weather reporters have little freak out sessions. And still I’d guess that over 50% of […]

Coriander Tempeh & Zucchini w/ Couscous Upma

As part of our guest post exchange, my recipe (or my take on two different already published recipes) for Coriander Tempeh & Zucchni with Couscous Upma is posted over at Eileen’s blog (Ham Pie Sandwiches)! Head over there for a story about four pound zucchinis and vegan Indian-inspired food with a local, SSFC twist. So […]

July Garden Update

Shoot. Looks like I totally forgot about the June garden update. Guess we’ll just have to jump right into the full fledged thing with only the May update for reference (things have changed a little…a lot…you know how the season rolls). To catch us up a little, here’s the garden on June 17. Notice anything […]

Guest Recipe–Eileen’s Soupe au Pistou

I’m super excited today to share with you all Eating Appalachia’s first guest post! Today’s recipe hails from Eileen of Ham Pie Sandwiches who writes a west coast food blog I became enthralled with several years ago. Over the years I’ve come to love Eileen’s simple, local, and Continental-inspired recipes. With a handful of fresh […]

Sunday School at Bruno’s GastroPub–Smith Mountain Lake

I’m introducing a review with an apology. I think that’s breaking one of the cardinal rules of writing. But I also remember my eighth grade English teacher telling me that I could break grammar rules once I was a published author. Which I am, several times over. So does that mean I can break the […]