Coriander Tempeh & Zucchini w/ Couscous Upma

As part of our guest post exchange, my recipe (or my take on two different already published recipes) for Coriander Tempeh & Zucchni with Couscous Upma is posted over at Eileen’s blog (Ham Pie Sandwiches)! Head over there for a story about four pound zucchinis and vegan Indian-inspired food with a local, SSFC twist. So much fun to harvest vegetables from my own garden, even if they are monster sized.

And if you’re interested in guest posting with a local foods emphasis here on Eating Appalachia, feel free to drop me a note! Always fun to meet more people and feature their flavors in the blogging community.

So zip over to Ham Pie Sandwiches for the whole post and I’ll see you all on Wednesday with another recipe!

5 Responses to “Coriander Tempeh & Zucchini w/ Couscous Upma”
  1. eileen says:

    Yay guest posts! Thank you so much for your post (and also *your* flattering introduction), and I agree–we should certainly do it again in the future!

  2. looks so delicious! i love the zucchini! mmm

  3. That looks great. As soon as my next zucchini comes in, I’ll be making it.

  4. greenthyme says:

    Found you through Ham Pie Sandwiches. Loved this recipe. It looks fabulous. Great blog you have here! Going to spend some time browsing :)

  5. Just read your recipe. YUM! nice nice meal. Love zucchini.

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