September Garden Update

Fog and rain and cooler temperatures rolled into the Virginia mountains this week and it looks like I couldn’t have picked a better time than last week to pull out most of the summer vegetables and get the fall/winter garden on the right path. Folks are predicting heavier snow than normal this year, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a milder winter, one in which the kale and collards will hold on without my DIY greenhouse covers.

The tomatoes have yet to be yanked, but it’s most likely on the ticket for this weekend, the peppers and eggplant and okra trees made room for greens and cabbage and broccoli and cauliflower. Even a little bit of space for a fava bean plant. In the other small box, some sorrel held on through the summer and is looking a bit fresher and a carrot or two started to grow. The green beans are still going crazy on the arch and I’ll be ready to harvest the bush beans soon too.

Gardening is such an exercise in patience and luck–hopefully I’ll be heavy on the luck side this season!

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16 Responses to “September Garden Update”
  1. rebecca says:

    Ha ha! Love the wine cork plant label! May have to try that….so guess I should start drinking now, right?

    • Jes says:

      I’ll happily donate some–I’ve been collecting for over a year now, have quite the pile up! (Which is saying something since we largely drink boxed wine these days…)

  2. Victoria says:

    That’s a lot of butternut squash! How many plants did you have?!

  3. Your squash and okra look amazing! It all does. I need to yank my tomato plants, but they’re producing like mad right now…my daughter brought in about 40 gorgeous, just beginning to blush tomatoes on Monday and now our dining table is covered with them, all in various shades of red. She forgot about the green zebras, which are also producing prolifically.

  4. Monica says:

    The straw on the raised bed – is that to protect from evil critters like slugs?

  5. Becky says:

    Your garden is beautiful!! Those okra!

  6. lazysmurf says:

    Your garden looks amazing. Those butternuts are humongous!!! I just put half my fall garden in last week, broccoli, kale, and some herbs and stuff. I think the other half might be all Brussels Sprouts.

  7. The butternut squash! The butternut squash! I am very jealous of your garden!

  8. FoodFeud says:

    Wow, already a haul! I foresee a lot of butternut squash soups and risottos…)

  9. Hooray for the garden! I’d say you have a good start on the luck part of the equation–look at all those butternut squashes! I predict that your future includes soup. :)

  10. chow vegan says:

    Wow, you got quite the prolific garden going on there! :-)

  11. andrea devon says:

    your garden is VERY impressive; i love the photo of the little kale poking through the mulch :)

  12. Your garden looks wonderful and so green! I hope you get some fantastic produce from it and fingers crossed you don’t get too much snow!

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