Atlanta Eats, Part I

A day late and a dollar short–turns out my Atlanta trip got a little more exciting yesterday morning when I locked my keys in my trunk. Whoops. So my schedule (of eating–what else?) was thrown off and left no time for blogging. It happens, though right? (Oh, and AAA saved the day and broke into my car–love that service!)

Monday was a huge day of meeting up with folks and eating as much as I could, starting with one of my favorite breakfasts with my friend D. He was up for meeting me before he went into work, so we grabbed a bite to eat at Ria’s Bluebird off Memorial Drive near Grant Park. There are a million things to love about the Bluebird, beyond even Ria herself, but one of them in particular is that it’s an incredible place for both omnis and vegans/vegetarians. I’ve all of the veganizable things on the menu, as well as a few of the non-vegan dishes, but my favorite, hands down is the spud bowl (I’d look up the right name, but the site is down). Basically, it’s a bowl of roasted potatoes, tossed with mushrooms, peppers, and spinach, and topped with a slightly spicy, slightly sweet tofu sauce. What’s in it? I have no idea. It just tastes like heaven.

After lunch I shopped a little at H&M (always overwhelming) and then met up with my former boss and coworker at the Letters of Samuel Beckett. The Letters was one of my favorite jobs to-date: an archival project that’s publishing several volumes of Beckett’s correspondence–the chance to work with original documents and translations and all the pictures and history, it was enough to make any lit lover, let alone a Beckett fan, dizzy. We didn’t have a lot of time, so we went to the Doc Chey’s at Highland. An Atlanta/apparently Asheville chain, Doc Chey’s is a great little pan-Asian restaurant with mostly stir-frys and a few other dishes. I opted for the special of the day: cashew stir-fry with tofu. It’s not the most amazing dish (as none of Doc Chey’s are), but it was a solid stir-fry and I loved all the red peppers with the fried tofu. Seriously, they deep fry tofu like no one else.

But what’s all this food without some coffee, especially the best in the city. (That’s right, I said best–although Steady Hand Pour vies closely with my pick.) Octane Coffee is my favorite hang-out coffee shop in Atlanta. It’s got a bit of everything–incredibly good coffee, craft brews, a full bar, tons of light, plugs for your computer, local art, indie/alt music, and, if you’re into that kind of thing, mostly macs. My soy decaf latte was exquisite–nutty, bitter, slightly sweet, with a cute little heart, it embodied everything I love about Octane (and Atlanta).

Coffee & computer time spent, I headed back towards East Atlanta where I was staying to finally check out Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand. Yup, chicken sausage stand. I know, it’s Vegan MoFo, but work with me here–this little sausage stand (that stays open 24 hrs on the weekends–hello, awesome post-bar foodage) is totally vegan friendly! You can order any of the sausage combos “clucked off,” i.e. veganized (or vegearianized). I think the vegetarian sausages are Tofurkey and many of the toppings are vegan from the vegan chili to the kraut to the mustards and ‘comeback’ sauce (BBQ sauce).

I opted for The Hot Mess–vegan sausage, vegan chili, jalapenos, and the comeback sauce. What a hot mess it was–a beanful chili slopping of the sides of the sausage, the H&F bun so soft, the jalapenos adding a nice heat to it all. I went through at least five napkins. Seriously good. Oh, and the wedge fries? Crispy perfection. I thought the Tofurkey sausage held up really well to the chili, and the chili, though not super spicy, was saucy and rich. If you’re hungry (or drunk and hungry, all the better), Delia’s is a great option.

After Delia’s, and all the other amazing eats, I was a in a food coma to beat all food comas, ready to sleep it all off and start over the next day. Which I did, but till after the Presidential Debate (snore, right?) and some hard core kitty snuggling time. Can’t beat beer, boring politics, and cat snuggles, right?

Ria’s Bluebird
421 Memorial Drive Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 521-3737

Doc Chey’s
Various locations throughout Atlanta

Octane Coffee
1009-B Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30318

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand
489 Moreland Ave, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

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8 Responses to “Atlanta Eats, Part I”
  1. chicken sausages sound pretty cool!!! ; )

  2. Holy vegan sausage smothered in a hot mess! I think I’ve just found my new favorite insult – cluck off! Ha! I am too easily amused! :D

    You know how to eat, Woman! I was going to ask you what was in that tasty looking tofu sauce before I read the text :(

    The coffee looks so tempting! I always wonder how you’re supposed to grab the hot-ass glass when there’s no handle. Maybe I’m just a sensitive-skinned wimp?

    • Jes says:

      The glass wasn’t actually hot! Not sure what their magic is, but the latte itself was the perfect temp–definitely warm, but not scalding, kill yer tastebuds hot.

  3. Becky says:

    I have got to get over to Delia’s! A friend said there was nothing vegan there, so I assumed…that that was true! That sausage looks awesome.

    • Jes says:

      I know! So their website only mentions that the chili is vegan, so I tweeted them last week to confirm the sausages etc are and they said yes! (They really should say ‘vegan,’ not ‘vegetarian’ on the menu–so confusing.)

  4. Helen says:

    Looks like a tasty trip, though bummer that you needed AAA! The Spud Bowl sounds/looks awesome. Atlanta’s been on my list of places to visit for a while — now I gotta go!

  5. Mandee says:

    That bowl of mushies and potatoes looks like a great way to start the day to me! And I love the look of the Hot Mess – YUM! And hooray for getting your keys back!

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