Spinach & Sorrel Soup


Oh hey there, it’s been a few days, hasn’t it? I’ve had an amazing time reading your Thanksgiving and beginning-of-the-holidays posts–and I’m really waaaay too hungry for everything you’ve cooked up now. Did anyone else see Monica’s pre-Thanksgiving Indian Cabbage Salad or Stephanie’s gorgeous Seitan Roast? Or how about River’s Strawberry Santa Hat video tutorial? […]

Give Thanks


Tomorrow, I’ll sit down with family and share a meal.  We’ll drink a little too much wine, gorge ourselves on pie, and, generally, make a fantastic mess of the kitchen and dining room.  It’s maybe the one time each year I’m pro-mess–shows how much we love each other, right? As I write this (on Tuesday […]

Almond Sauce Stir-Fry


Eileen, over at Ham, Pie, Sandwiches, has been preparing for a product release the past few weeks and, with the insanity of long and stressful work days, has been posting quite a few ‘emergency recipes.’ Her recipes (like these amazing looking baked flounder and pasta recipes) look far better than anything I manage to throw […]

November Garden Update


It’s been awhile since October 3rd, hasn’t it? The garden sure shows it, at least. Turns out that the perfectly sunny patch of yard for the summer isn’t so grand for the autumn & winter. No sunlight means plants that hardly grow. And I’m sure the frost isn’t helping them either. One thing that seems […]

Warm Cabbage Apple Slaw

cabbage slaw

Just a quick post as I’m in between projects & more projects (seems like there’s never enough time in the weekend, right?). The weekend was stupendously beautiful but I spent most of it inside cleaning and organizing and working on design projects for my business (more to come later this month, hopefully!) and for the […]

Virginia–Looking Back & Forward


Four years ago I wrote this brief post after John McCain conceded to Barack Obama. It was a momentous night–the first African American president, the nation laying down a mandate against the Bush initiatives, and the first Presidential election that I could vote in. While I was nervous and fearful of what the outcome might […]

Autumn Vegetable Ragout


This past weekend was a whirl of cleaning, working on the house renovations, and football watching, so cooking took a back burner to the events. But I still wanted to whip up something hearty and vegetable-laden not only to eat on Sunday but also to get us through a day or two of lunches. Looking […]

Vegan Queso-Off


We are a family of queso lovers. No, really, G & I have a serious (love) issue with queso. It all started when we were shopping for some football munchies last year at Target. G picked up a jar of Target brand queso and said something to the effect of, “I know you’re judging me, […]