December Garden Update


I didn’t mean to disappear like that–just sometimes there isn’t time to get that “I’m going away for a week” post up before you have to jet to the airport. Fun recaps of vacation in New Orleans & Christmas as my mother’s place in Mobile coming soon. But in the meantime, a quick look at […]

German Geschnetzeltes-Inspired Stew

German Stew

Inspiration can be really fun to explore. For example: On Serious Eat’s Photograzing section, I stumbled across this fabulous looking recipe for Geschnetzeltes Chili. Super meaty, right? But I took one look at it (it was a dreary, rainy, cold day here in Roanoke) and knew that I wanted to veganize it. Once I started […]

Jersusalem Restaurant #2 — Roanoke


Alright, Roanoke, we need to talk for a second about a restaurant that changed my view of the entire city. Remember all the kvetching I’ve done about how there isn’t a decent falafel to be found here? You know how it’s pretty much all I ever dream of finding in the Star city—a street-style falafel […]

Roasted Pumpkin & Poblano Corn Soup with Baked Corn-Potato Latkes

roasted corn soup

It’s funny how a southern girl can end up in a Virginia mountain town where she rides her bike to work every day, even during the winter months. I hate the cold. It’s a fact. G finds it hilarious since he’s from Pittsburgh and lived in Eerie with its lake effect snow smothers, but, seriously […]

Mixed: Food Bloggers Conference


So now that you’ve made it through the epic Thanksgiving post, how about the epic Mixed Conference 2012 post? Two weekends ago (November 30-December 2), I was lucky enough to travel down the road to Mixed, a food bloggers conference held at Mountain Lake in southwest Virginia. Having never been to a food bloggers conference, […]

Being Thankful in Pittsburgh


Post food blogger conference, you’d think I’d have run home and immediately posted about it. That post is coming–promise. This past week has been a whirl of finishing up projects for the class I’m taking (seriously, taking a course on top of working full time AND freelancing is ridiculous) and photo shoots and all that […]