December Garden Update

I didn’t mean to disappear like that–just sometimes there isn’t time to get that “I’m going away for a week” post up before you have to jet to the airport.

Fun recaps of vacation in New Orleans & Christmas as my mother’s place in Mobile coming soon.

But in the meantime, a quick look at my (sad) little garden!

Yes, I know, I really should have found the time a month or two ago to put up the greenhouse hoops and sheets. Maybe this weekend? If it isn’t raining and cold as heck?

Because I haven’t been a good gardener (i.e. the garlic never even got planted this year. It’s still waiting for me to do it–too late, do you think?), all of the plants I started from seed are a little weak. Like this tiny purple cabbage. I may never get a head on it (at least it looks cute!).

The Chinese Cabbages, on the other hand, are doing swimmingly, even given the cold temperatures. I think it’s time to harvest some for a stir fry! Or something else? Any favorite recipes for Chinese Cabbage? I could definitely use some inspiration.

As for the rest, the collards and kale and broccoli and carrot stragglers, they’re doing their best, but I’m not doing much to help them. But maybe my last minute, last ditch efforts this weekend will help everything grow a bit more.

One plant seems happy as a clam though–the sorrel in the main photo above! I harvested the whole bunch of it to make my Spinach & Sorrel Soup last month and it decided to grow back–how cool is that? I knew lettuces grow back after harvesting, but I never knew sorrel did. Can’t wait for another bunch of it to cook with.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday if you celebrated this past week & I’ll see you soon with a recipe or two! (And maybe, just maybe, a fun giveaway I know you’ll be interested in!)

3 Responses to “December Garden Update”
  1. Eileen says:

    Those winter greens look pretty happy, considering, you know, winter. :) Hope you and G are having a great holiday!

  2. Hannah says:

    ‘Tis the season of blog disappearances and general quiet, so there’s no need to fret. Better to get out there and enjoy your travels!

    I’m still amazed that you can grow anything at all this time of year. It’s hard enough for us at the height of summer!

  3. yes, there is nothing growing in The UK right now. Let alone Sorrel. But here in India where we are sojourning for the winter months we’re surrounded by coconuts and bananas. It’s still so strange to me how much variation there is between different locations in the world!

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