The Best Veg(an) Dish in Roanoke

fried tofu

Apparently it’s tofu week on the blog. Wasn’t quite planning for that, but, hey, why look a themed gift horse in the mouth? Or whatever that saying is. Anyone else notice that it’s Friday? (Trust me, I’ve been counting down the hours this week…) And what better day to go out and enjoy a fancy […]

Primavera Tofu Pockets

tofu pocket

Remember back during Vegan MoFo this past year when I made Kittee’s kick ass Crispy Crunchy Tofu Pockets? Yeah, me too. I’ve been thinking about them all these months since. I mean, hello stuffed tofu goodness, youdabes. So why on earth have I not made a tofu pocket since? I think I’ve just been in […]

Totally Taco Friday & a Garden Update


It seems like a miracle that we’ve made it to the end of this work week. Between feeling down for personal reasons and the horrific events of Boston and West and the gun bill not passing even though 80% of Americans support it and the floods that are now ravaging the midwest, it seems like […]

Asheville: Part II

chai pani

Anyone get hungry reading the first installment of our Asheville trip? I seriously did when I wrote it (WHITE DUCK TACOS COME TO ME). Thankfully, though, the eating and frolicking around the city didn’t end after just one evening–we still had Sunday to enjoy. For breakfast, we braved the crowd at Tupelo Honey, a little […]

Asheville: Part I


Is there anyone who doesn’t love Asheville? It reminds me so much of Portland, Maine–a town full of restaurants, breweries, outdoorsy people, and plenty of young families with cute pups in tow. Even though I grew up visiting Brevard, NC, on a regular basis (a mere 40 minute drive south, I never actually visited Asheville […]

Curry Feast


Confession time: I get really bummed out every year when Easter rolls around. While I’m not religious (raised to be, ‘fell away,’ if you will), I do miss the traditions my mother worked hard to create. Easter breads with chocolate or fruit (chocolate all the way, baby), dresses (I wanted so badly to wear a […]